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Language and Power

No description

Thomas Wheeler

on 29 January 2018

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Transcript of Language and Power

How do you think language variance can represent culture - can you give specific examples of this?
Integration of Language and Culture
What is the difference between Dialect and Accent?

Which dialects and accents do you think are the best received?

Which are the worst?

Why do you think this is?

28% of British respondents to a survey suggested that they felt discriminated against as a result of their personal speech.
Defined in the early 2000s though perhaps originating earlier, 'Multicultural London English' has become one of the most hotly debated changes to spoken English.

Often referred to as 'Jafaican' due to its assumed Jamaican decent, it is in fact a complex mix of urban dialect with a variety of cultural and lingustic elements.
Multicultural London English
What non-standard elements can be found in Dizzee's speech?

Break them down into the grammatical structuring of his utterances and the lexical choices made.

Identify the three most common/influential features.
Features in Dizzee Rascall's speech
Armstrong and Miller

David Starkey

The original interview...
Attitudes towards MLE
Spoken Language and Power
L.O. - To evaluate the impact of Sociolect, Dialect and Idiolect on perception in Spoken Language.
What are the features of MLE?
What are you aware of as features of Multicultural London English?
Specific identifiers, alongside a general accent, are as follows:

Usage of
as a replacement for

'Off of'


To what extent does Jeremy Paxman undermine Dizzee Rascal through his language?

How does Valerie Amos represent herself linguistically and what does that suggest? What would David Starkey's comment be?

To what extent can it be argued that the decision to interview Dizzee Rascal was to undermine the legitimacy of MLE?
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