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Book 16 Father and Son


Carolina Arias

on 12 February 2010

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Transcript of Book 16 Father and Son

Book XVI
Father and Son Characters Events Telemakos arrives from his trip and assumes that Odysseus (who is staying with the swine herder) is a traveler.
Swine herder goes to castle to tell Penelope. Suitors plan to kill Telemakhos but Penelope confronts them. Odysseus reveals who he is to his son and they cry for joy. Odyseus and Telemakhos make plans on how to take back what is rightlyful theirs. Athena appears to Odysseus and makes him young.

Doulikhion Zakynthos Euiphates Atinoos Other characters Telemachus Eumaios: swine hearder (Telemakhos's "uncle") Laertes: Odysseus's old friend
True or False: Telemakhos immeaditely recognizes his father. Quiz What is the suitors' reaction when they hear Telemakhos is back? Why do Telemakhos and Odysseus start to cry? How does Odysseus change phisically in Book 16? Epic Simile Then, throwing
his arms around this marvel of a father
Telemakhos began to weep. Salt tears
rose from the well of longing in both men,
and cries burst from both as keen and fluttering
as those of the great toloned hawk,
whose nestlings farmers take before they fly. Athena Odysseus Values Greed Loyalty Themes Hospitality Murder Family
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