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Kpop Presentation

No description

karly lang

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Kpop Presentation

What is the definition of Kpop?
Kpop is Korean pop music.
Kpop is very different it has its own unique style of presenting itself.
That is not only the unique part about them, kpop has groups that are usually divided into girl and boy groups but sometimes they can have boys example; sunny hill, co-ed school, and f1rst.
Kpop groups even have names for their fans, to explain a kpop group called super junior calls their fans elfs, which stands for everlasting friendship.
The only bad part about kpop group performances is if one of their members fall or get hurt they have to continue on with the show unless they cannot get up.
Expectation of how the have to look!
Kpop Stars have to look good and be slim.
Most of the kpop stars have done plastic surgery.
They want to look like American stars because they have what they want, big eyes, pale skin, and good body figure.
For example; after school (kpop group) looks up to Beyonce.
Even if they fall they have to continue......
Differences between Kpop and American music!
All videos have dance routine
Some videos may have dance routine
They have to look a certain way, and eat.
Hardly have to focus on weight and eating habits.
Their clothing style is unique, hardly see people wearing it.
Usually dress like the casual way others would dress.
Have to continue with the show even when you fall.
Can leave stage if you want.
They get paid like 100 dollar a month.
Get paid around about 1500 dollar each performance.
Train for 8 years when they chose you and then debut.
More known world-wide.
Debut faster.
Less known around the world.
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