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the northwest mounted police


eamonn cairns

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of the northwest mounted police

By: Eamonn and Kathryn The North West Mounted Police Additional Information Heritage Minutes Heritage Minutes Background Information The Northwest mounted police were created in 1873 to bring order and control anywhere to the west of Ontario and Quebec. They also monitored trade between the natives, settlers and americans coming up from the south. One of the main responsibilities of the NWMP were to control the Whiskey Trade. People were selling low quality alcohol that caused violence and other hazards. The whiskey trade contributed to the reputation of the west being a wild and frenzied environment. A major part of the NWMP's job was to deal with the Natives and Americans in Canada. One of the largest conflicts had to to do with a native man named Sitting Bull. At a point there were conflict between the natives and the americans. This lead to battles such as The Battle of Little Bighorn. Sitting Bull was the leader of the Dakota or the Sioux at this time. Later on with the famous meeting including Sitting Bull (native), Commissioner Macleod (NWMP), Major Walsh (NWMP), and General Alfred H Terry (American), Terry offered Sitting Bull and his Dakota people land (in the USA). Unfortunately, because of previous controversy Sitting Bull decided not to take the offer. Sitting Bull then tried to persuade the canadian government to give his people land. Unfortunately John A. Macdonald said no, so they had to go back to the americans to see if their offer was still valid. Sitting Bull and the NWMP were close, because while the Sioux were living in Canada they were staying in cypress hills. Sitting Bull and Major Walsh had a great deal of respect for each other and became very close friends. -the NWMP was created in 1873
-1880 stealing horses were daily crimes for the NWMP
-1885 there were about 1000 men in the NWMP
-1896 NWMP were nearly shut down by newly elected PM Sir Wilfried Laurier
-more people from the West supported the NWMP and received attention patrolling the Klondike Goldrush
-1919 the parliament voted to combine the NWMP with the Dominion Police that patrolled Eastern Canada
-it was then named to RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
-1932-1938 the amount of police nearly doubled to 2350 men patrolling in Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and P.E.I
-during World War II the RCMP grew more and started patrolling Newfoundland and B.C
-1974 women were accepted to be a part of the RCMP
-in 1874, men had to be a certain height and weight in order to be an officer Originally I didn't understand this video. I thought my project was on the NWMP. Not some issue between Canadians, Natives, and Americans. I now understand that in the lodge, that was the meeting with Sitting Bull, Macleod, Walsh, and Terry. In the clip, Terry is about to tell Sitting Bull the offer the president of the USA has for Sitting Bull and his Dakota people. He automatically cuts Terry off, because of how awful Americans have treated the Sioux people in the past. Sitting Bull had a real dignity about him which made him so well respected.Then you hear Macleod thinking to himself about how the PM of Canada won't give the Dakota the land they desire, and he feels bad. I think this video is hard to comprehend if you haven't researched the topic. You need some background information to even understand what they're talking about in the lodge. It also isn't clear what the NWMP's part is in all of this. The only thing you know is that the mounties and the natives are on good terms. I didn't get the idea at first so I don't think it sends a clear message of the big picture. Map of Where the NWMP Were in Canada The North West Mounted Police were mainly situated in Alberta and Saskatchewan. This is because of where most people in the west were living. They also had mounties in the Yukon on patrol. This is because of the Gold Rush and the Klondike, people running around with a load of gold leads to a lot of stealing. In the map as you can see there are five prezi tacks. Each tack represents a major NWMP fort. Many of these forts are named after people who were a big part of the NWMP, such as Macleod and Walsh. Present Day The NWMP are very much a present day affair. They still wear their red coats, they still get around via horses. However, they are now called the RCMP. The royal canadian mounted police. They changed the name when they combined the dominion police and the NWMP in 1920. The RCMP are unique to other police forces because currently they work on a federal, international, provincial, and municipal level. They are the police force for eight of the provinces, and all of the territories. The only two provinces that are not connected to the RCMP are Ontario and Quebec. This is because they are the most developed provinces in Canada and have their own dominion polices e.g. the OPP. Current major missions for the RCMP include Afghanistan, Haiti and Sudan/South Sudan. Bibliography http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/index-eng.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rcmp https://www.historica-dominion.ca/ the new history textbook
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