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Unitarian Universalism: The Religion for Our Time

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UUA StewDev

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Unitarian Universalism: The Religion for Our Time

How can Unitarian Universalists reach, engage, and connect justice-seekers across the globe?
Our UUA will invest in congregations, cutting edge and entrepreneurial ministries, and the rising leaders of Unitarian Universalism.
We will increase our capacity to create belonging virtually, physically, spiritually, and emotionally through strengthening every level of our interdependent web.
Unitarian Universalism has the power to create deeper connections with each other and build community.
We can be the religion for our time.
Unitarian Universalism
The Religion for Our Time

What if our 1,000 congregations embraced thousands more?
Acting for Justice
We will grow our justice work exponentially and embrace our voice as the leader of progressive religion.
Finding Meaning
A soaring number of people are rejecting traditional religion
People still long for spiritual depth, community, and a place where they can join with others to build a better world.
Most Americans claim "zero" as the number of people to whom they feel close.
Our world is hurting...
Unitarian Universalists have a proud history of being at the forefront of justice work.
We have made a difference.
For all of this...
We need you.
Together, we can create a Unitarian Universalism that is thriving; full of ideas, energy, and the strength of our interdependence.
Will you help make Unitarian Universalism the religion for our time?
What if we shared our faith and became accessible beyond the traditional understanding of church?
we need financial support.
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