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Mitosis and Meiosis Project

No description

Erin Cole

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Mitosis and Meiosis Project

Mitosis and Meiosis By: Erin Cole and Alexis Black 2 Cells Produced Mitosis includes one division that results in two daughter cells Mitosis produces diploid cells Consistent Chromosome Number:46 Mitosis is used to replace dead or damaged cells Somatic Cells are produced Daughter cells are identical to the parent cells One advantage of Mitosis for example would be the ability of skin cells to repair and replace themselves whenever they are damaged or die. A disadvantage of Mitosis is the fact that everything is the exact same, so if a disease was to come it would wipe out the entire population of that particular organism. 4 Cells Produced Meiosis includes two cell divisions resulting in four daughter cells. Meiosis produces haploid cells Meiosis is used to produce germ or sex cells for reproduction Consistent Chromosome Number: 23 Gamete cells are produced Daughter cells are NOT identical to parent cells One advantage of Meiosis is that it doesnt produce identical cells, so if a disease were to attack the cells, not all of them would be affected A disadvantage of Meiosis would be the many chromosomal mutations that take place in the cells. Stages of Mitosis 1. Prophase During the this stage, chromosomes appear and the nuclear envelope disappears. Stages of Mitosis 2. Metaphase During Metaphase, chromosomes line u and condense in the center of the cell. Stages of Mitosis 3. Anaphase During this stage, chromosomes are pulled apart Stages of Mitosis 4. Telephase Chromosomes disperse and the nuclear envelope reappears. Mitosis Diagram Stages of Meiosis 1. Prophase I During this stage, chromosomes pair up and form tetrads Stages of Meiosis 2. Metaphase I Homologs line up along the equator Stages of Meiosis 3. Anaphase spindle fibers move chromosomes to opposite sides Stages of Meiosis 4. Telephase I Cytoplasm divides and 2 daughter cells are formed. Stages of Meiosis 5. Prophase II crossing - over occurs Stages of Meiosis chromosomes line up along the equator, not in homologous pairs 6. Metaphase II Stages of Meiosis 7. Anaphase II chromatids seperate Stages of Meiosis 8. Telephase II nuclear membrane reforms, cytoplasm divides, and 4 daughter cells are formed. Meiosis Diagram
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