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Elements of Play Writing:

No description

Laura Ellis

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of Elements of Play Writing:

Characters: The people in your play. This is a short play, keep characters to a minimum.
What message will the audience take away from your play?
Plot: what happens in your play. The plot includes the initial problem, rising action, the climax and the resolution. Keep one act plots simple.
One Act Plays: Basically the play version of a short story.
Setting: The best one act plays exist in one simple setting.
Elements of Play Writing
Conflict or Problem: The most important part of your play! Can be internal or external.
Quick Write:
Make a list of 10 play appropriate settings.
Quick Write: In three minutes, list as many possible play conflicts as you can.
Quick Write: Create a character.
What does your character look
like? What are his/her strengths?
What are his/her weaknesses?
Does your character have any interesting quirks?
Two Minute
Quick Writes:
1. Your character goes
to the bank and a robbery happens. How does he or she react?
2. Your character is at a wedding, and someone he or she doesn't like asks him or her to dance. Describe the situation.
3. The zombie apocalypse happens. What does your character do?
Sure Thing
by David Ives
then watch this play!
on pg. 1120 and
watch this version.
Your One Act Play:
5-15 pages
Written in American Standard
One Setting
Peer Response: Thurs. 3/3
Final Draft: Mon. 3/8 on turnitin.com
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