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Anatoly Vasilyev CV

No description

Anatoly Vasilyev

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of Anatoly Vasilyev CV

Hi. My name
is Toly

The World is my oyster
Marketing Manager
AlviArmani (International Cosmetic Clinic)
Toronto, Canadawww.alviarmani.com
| 2007 Sep - 2008 Sep |
Successfully redesigned and launched the website alviarmani.com in 10 languages that increased international representation of the company. Obtained media support from the leading luxury publications in North America and Europe, for example Robb Report & Millionaire. Increased the awareness of the brand among the VIP clientele from actors in Los Angeles to wealthy businessmen in Dubai.
Senior Project Manager
Nigmo Inc
Toronto, Canada www.nigmo.com
| 2008 Oct - 2009 Nov |
Developed and successfully launched new project from scratch: selling Garmin and other GPS devices via eBay, amazon.com and our own website.
Became a Top Rated Seller on eBay within 4 months after launching and consistently received only positive feedback from buyers.
Athletic Apparel
Increased sales in both European & Asian markets in less than a year by 15%. Dynamically increased brand awareness throughout the Ultimate Frisbee community all around the World.
Marketing, Design & Sales
VC Ultimate, Toronto, Canada
| 2009 May - 2010 June |
my athletic apparel designs
Financial sector
Marketing Project Manager
Russian Standard Bank
Moscow, Russiawww.rsb.ru
| 2010 May - 2012 April |
and more
I live a very...
My biggest passion is
the sport of Ultimate Frisbee
• Won 12 Russian National Championships titles
• Captain of Russian National team 2011
• Silver-medalist at European Club Championships 2010
• Two times Gold-medalist at World Beach Ultimate Championships 2012

Gold medal
World Championships 2008
Team Canada
...active Life!
and I don't
want to stop!
I have been playing the game
for 16 years

St.Petersburg, Russia
Moscow, Russia
Uppsala, Sweden
Toronto, Canada
Vancouver, Canada
Los Angeles, USA
Dubai, UAE
Sochi - Montreal - Sarasota - Tokyo - Vancouver - Paris - Rome - Bangkok
Rimini - Brussels - London - Milan - Cairo - Koh Phangan - Riga - Tallinn
Stockholm - Amsterdam - Madrid - Copenhagen - Berlin - Viena
Barcelona - Chicago - Hong Kong - Washington - Tbilisi - and more
(over 100 cities in 26 countries)
Interactive Marketing Manager
Afisha Industries (Entertainment Magazine) SPb, Russia, spb.afisha.ru
| 2004 Jan - 2006 Apr |
Increased traffic of the website spb.afisha.ru by 250% in 1,5 years, making it one of the primary resources for entertainment news on the Internet in Russia.
Sales Manager
Club Par Excellence Toronto, Canada www.clubparexcellance.com
| 2007 Jun - 2007 Aug |
Exceptional customer service and outstanding sales performance with +10% increase in sales over a three-months period (cold calling).
Biggest achievement:
I enjoy:
Activities: running, yoga, climbing, biking, swimming, squash and all types of board sports
Arts: ballet and drawing
Collecting photography and advertising prints
Thank you
Thank you for taking the time to view my prezi. I hope you find my skills and expertise to be of use to you and I hope to hear from you soon.

Please contact me in any way that is convenient for you.

Anatoly Vasilyev
Address: 19 E 62nd Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Email: toly@rivasholding.com
Phone: +1.778.990.2318
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/anatolyvasilyev
Negotiated various partnership agreements and implemented various campaigns (Skype, Gosloto, Qiwi, Groupon, Disney)
Launched multiple marketing campaigns, which reached over 30mln people across Russia (database marketing via email, direct mail, advertisement in print and radio)
English (fluent) Russian (fluent)
German (basic)
Swedish (basic)
Community Connector
& Educator
lululemon athletica, Toronto, Canada www.lululemon.com
| 20012 Oct - 2015 Aug |
• Providing guests with world-class ‘education’ and guest experience in the areas of product, culture, and community by speaking authentically about product use through own experiences.
• Creating brand awareness and market development by executing community initiatives on a local (Toronto) and Global (Sochi Olympics) scale.
Athletic Apparel
Rivas Holding Inc., Vancouver, Canada www.rivasholding.com
| 20015 Dec - current |
• Investing in the future.
Real Estate
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