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Sydney Grover, Mrs. Erndt's Class

No description

Hull Elementary

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Sydney Grover, Mrs. Erndt's Class

Sydney Grover, Mrs. Erndt's Class
In math, I have been working on fractions, decimals, and even more! Right now I am working on geometry. We are learning about right angles, acute angles, obtuse angles, and more fun stuff like that.
In science, we were doing science fair boards! It was really fun! My partner and I did a balloon test. Our board title is Poptasic Science! It is very exciting to do the experiment. In reading, we read
Tuck Everlasting
A Christmas Carol
. Right now we are reading
Where the Mountain meets the Moon.
The book has a lot of stories her father tells to her.
In writing, we have done multiple writing projects. One of them we have done was for Biztown. Each person from my class chose a person from Mrs. Jackson's class to write to. They would write how they like Biztown and what their job is. In Social Studies, we learned about early explorers and made posters about a certain explorer.
Welcome to my Prezi
Hello, my name is Sydney Grover! I go to Hull Elementary. This Prezi will show you what I have been doing in school
Writing/Social Studies
In orchestra, we have been working on some easy songs. In P.E., we did gymnastics, football, hockey and many more. We are now working on soccer and new things to become an amazing soccer player. Thank you for watching my prezi! It has been fun!
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