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A Christmas Carol

No description

Brie Adams

on 6 December 2011

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Transcript of A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol
The food and drinks that we
eat and drink around Christmas
Raw Oysters
Sweetbread Pates
Roman Punch
Plum Pudding
Turtle Soup

The food and drinks that we
eat and drink around Christmas
Some sort of pasta
Christmas cookies/Dessert

This is how they used to
decorate the Christmas
They bought their tree from
mountains and hillsides. They
bought their trees many days
before Christmas. They would be
anywhere from 2 feet high to the
top of their ceilings. They would
make some of their own ornaments
and decorate the tree. They would
decorate their trees with linen,
angels, and ornaments.

The games they used to play are:
-Yes/No game
-Similie game

This is about the cards they
used to send:
They believed that the first
Christmas card that was printed was in 1843 in England.
They would usually be printed with religious themes. The wealthy families were usually the ones who sent the most Christmas cards to people.
This is how we send cards now:
You can take pictures of you and
your family then make a card with
a picture of you guys or you can
just get a regualr Christmas card
without your picture of it like this- This is how we decorate the
Christmas tree now:
You can either buy a real tree
or you can buy a fake tree. When
you bring it to your house you can
decorate it with ornaments you bought.
You can put an angel on the top or you can put a star. You can put lights on your tree. This is what they used to give as Christmas gifts to the mother of the family:
-An apron
-A fan
-Lacy needle cases

They had decorations set
at the table such as:
An elegant table cloth
Their best China that they had

The songs they used to sing around
Christmas are:
-I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
-Silent Night
-A Good Christmas Box
-O Christmas Tree
-O Come All Ye Faithful
-Away In A Manger The songs people sing now
days around Christmas:
-Jingle Bells
-Joy To The World
-Silent Night
-Let It Snow
-White Christmas
-O Holy Night
-We Wish You A Merry Christmas This is what they used to give
as a Christmas present to the
daughter of the family:
-Hair ribbons
-Drawing pencils
-Dresses for a doll
-A painting set
-A sewing kit
-Mittens This is what they used to give
as a Christmas present to the
son of the family:
-A sled
-Painted toy animals
-Wind-up soldier
-Buling blocks
-Marbles This is what they used to give
as a Christmas present to the
father of the family:
-A muffler or a scarf
-An unmbrella
-Embroidered bed slippers
-Embroidered suspenders This is what they used to give
as a Christmas present to the
grandmother of the family:
-A plant
-Photograph frame
-A rosebud sachet
-A knitting bag
This is what people give as
Christmas presents now:
-Gaming systems
-Gift cards
-TV's-DVD's This is how they would decorate their
They would decorate their
house with bold wallpaper,
lace, ornate furnishings, they
would desplay fruits, they would
decorate everything with greenery,
and they would have wreaths hanging
from the entry way or hanging from
the door.
This is how they used to decorate
their Christmas trees. This is picture of their dining room. This is some of their China
they used to have. This is a picture of what
their fire places used to look
like. The games we play now are:
-Apples to apples
This is how Christmas cards looked
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