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Open Company

Few concepts I consider relevant in today's connected enterprise business world

raffaele cirullo

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Open Company

Ask yourself: what information can be published freely to improve transparency and enhance your brand reputation? Open Company It is really about looking at the data you have (INVENTORY)
getting hold of the investments you make on software development and understanding if there is a value in sharing data and software What does it mean to go
"Open"? Who can benefit? Challenges are organisational and cultural The real challenge of creating the
Open Company is...
to prove its benefits What if mashups are build by the community using our data rather then by our external agency? What if we try to explain to the retail unit that 97% of their clients
go online to find their shops? What if by marketing the data we can get 13.208* new impression for one of our stores in 30 days? What if your content assets
starts to be managed by a
Content Managemet System
Open Source? What if your SEO efforts are not just about keywords but...
about entities?
(SEMANTIC SEO) What if the content you write gets linked
to the Open Linked Data Cloud? What if the software you developed
for your own campaign & web sites
becomes available to everyone
as Open Source? This is what Enel did
to celebrate its 50 anniversary:
publishing Enel.tv (releasing all the code as open source),
beta-testing WordLift,
working on Semantic SEO,
Launching the new Data.Enel.com What if you start investing on
start-ups rather then
on traditional
IT Companies? * based on real numbers Thank You! Raffaele Cirullo Links about this presentation: http://data.enel.com - Open Data Website
http://lab.enel.com - Enel Lab
http://www.layar.com/layers/enelenergia/ and http://de.straba.us/enel_punti_territoriali/ mobile app and web mashup using our data
http://blog.iks-project.eu/wordlift-powers-enel-tv-semantic-tv-example/ - WordLift and Enel.tv
http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2199934/Getting-Started-With-Semantic-SEO - Semantic SEO
https://github.com/insideout10/ioiojs#special-thanks-and-contributors - the web framework behind enel.tv
http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordlift/ and http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/weeotv/ - WordPress Plugins developed with Enel's support data.enel.com
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