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My life is totally random today

Sheather Collinari

on 16 April 2011

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Transcript of MyLifeIsAverage.com

What is MLIA? (MLIA)My Life Is Average is a website where people submit stories of their everday random and average occurences How do you use MLIA? All you need is a really random story, basically. You submit your story and a month later it might be posted if its average enough. The Average Word Of The Day Everyday a new word is chosen as the"Average word of the Day". Today it happens to be 'does'. :) "Today, my mom put a gingerbread man in my lunch
with a frowning face. It's like she knew I'd bite the head off it and make screaming noises. I love my mom. MLIA" "Today I visited Kansas and saw tumbleweed for the first time. Never in my life have I been more excited to see a plant. MLIA" "I remebered earlier today,that when I was young I used to tell everyone my favourite colour was yellow,because I felt sorry for it.MLIA" "Today while arguing with my friend I realised he speaks in a British accent when he argues. When I informed him of this he was shocked, not just because he didn't notice, but also because he had tried doing a British accent and couldn't. MLIA" "Last Sunday, my friends and I all went to the skating rink, one of my friends who has no experience of skating at all, fell. While standing. On the carpet. MLIA" "Today i realised "ipod!" is the same upside down. MLIA" "I just read today that you
spend about 3 years of your
life on the toilet. MLIA"
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