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No description

Jaylinn Luckie

on 25 January 2017

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Transcript of Subjunctive

What is the Subjunctive ?
The subjunctive is a mood not a tense.
The mood is the subjects attitude.
The subjunctive is made up of dependent clauses.
E. Emotion
The emotion of the subject
I don't the way that is.
no me gusta ese caramelo
I. Impersonal Expressions
Thats important
Es Importante
W. Wish or want
Ex. I would like to try that.
Me gustaría probar eso
R. Recommendation
I think that would look great on you.
Creo que se vería bien en usted
D. Doubt/Denial
I doubt that will happen.
dudo que va a pasar
O. Ojalá
God's wish or will
It was bound to happen.
fue obligado a pasar
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