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Felix Mendelssohn

No description

Chris Peel

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of Felix Mendelssohn

Felix Mendelssohn Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy is his real name, but he is most commonly regarded as Felix Mendelssohn. February 3, 1809
German born composer, pianist, organist and conductor. He began piano at age 6. Like many of the Classical Greats, he was considered to be a child prodigy very early on in his life. His first published work was at the age of 13, and his first
full orchestra symphony was at the age of 15. This is an example of one of first works that displayed his full genius. Written at age 16. Mendelssohn grew up
and lived in a very
intellectual environment.
but you will probably recognize the familiar Wedding March, heard during the march of a bride. This is also one of the most famous pieces of incidental music. His Overture to Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and the previously mentioned Octet were some of the greatest works of his early years. 20+ At the age of 20, Mendelssohn arranged and conducted Bach's St Matthew Passion in Berlin. You may not know Mendelssohn, This performance of Bach was the first successful one since his death, and was important to Bach's revival in essentially all of Europe. Mendelssohn also earned much prestige all throughout Germany and Europe. That same year, Mendelssohn
took his first trip to England.
This sparked the beginning of international travel. In 1833, at the age of 24,
Mendelssohn was appointed
musical director of Düsseldorf, a major German city. This was his first paid job as a musician. Mendelssohn spent a lot of time in London He wrote two of his most well known symphonies during this time, the the Scottish Symphony and the Hebrides Overture The Romantic Era Mendelssohn is referred to as one of the greatest composers of his time, the Romantic Era. The Romantic Era:
1815-1910 after his death due to much anti-Semitism in the late 1800's. Although raised without a prominent figure of religion in his life, and later brought up as a Lutheran, Mendelssohn was still born into a notable Jewish family. Mendelssohn was very well respected in London. Mendelssohn was disregarded Death Mendelssohn had bad health during his final years, and passed away from a series of strokes at the early age of 38. A little over a decade prior to his death, Mendelssohn was named the conductor of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra. This was chosen over other orchestral offers, and Mendelssohn spent the last years of his life doing many things for the city of Leipzig. That is where his funeral was held.
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