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The Invention Of The Airplane

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Rob Davis

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of The Invention Of The Airplane

The Invention of the Airplane
by: Anthony Finch

The First Airplane
Airplane Physics
The Wright Brothers built an airplane to fly by using the 4 ways of physics of flight: lift, weight, thrust and drag. You might already know what lift and weight are because of their name, but thrust and drag are different.
The first thing that ever flew was a machine that had flapping wings.The first airplane looked like a kite(picture below),but it wasn't successfully flown. This is Sir George Cayley's plan of his fixed wing aircraft. It was built in 1799.
Drag is the wind power that pushes against it causing resistance.
Thrust is the aerodynamics that the plane has that propels it forward.
The Ornithopter
The ornithopter was successfully made by Leonardo Da Vinci in the year 1490. It was a machine that had flapping wings and could carry 1 person,and it was almost the anatomy of birds. There is no record that his ornothopter flew.
(This is a picture of one of Leonardo Da Vinci 's drawings)
The Hot-air Balloon
The hot-air balloon was the second way of flight. It was invented by Montgolifer in the year 1783. They were either filled by hot -air or hydrogen gas. It was impossible to know where the hot-air balloon would go, it is the wind that controled the flight.
The wright brothers were first before their invention they were bycicle mechanics. Then the wright brothers tried to make a glider and they finished it in 1899. Their first flight with their glider was in Kitty Hawk. Kitty Hawk was a very windy place and that is why they were here; the stong winds. Their glider crashed and they went back hone to create a better glider.

In 1900 they wnt back to Kitty Hawk with a plane that had an engine. The engine made the plane a little heavier, but the plane had enough lift to carry the engine.

They took turns fling the plane. It allwent well exept one day they crashed. It was in the year 1908. It took place in Le Mans and Wilbur was with Lieutenant Thomas Selfridge. Then something in the engine snapped and they fell at a steep angle while splitting wood and shredding fabric on the plane.
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