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ROTC Exchange at USAFA

No description

bd w

on 19 October 2010

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Transcript of ROTC Exchange at USAFA

Team 5-2-6 BS 310 22 April 2010 Organizational Change ROTC - USAFA Semester Exchange Rocket Model Beer's Model = X X > Cadet Dissatisfaction Permanent Party Dissatisfaction Environmental Scanning Dissatisfaction Data Need for low level officer leadership Joint nature of the modern military Vision Goals System Changes One Team, One Fight, One Air Force Uno Ab Alto To improve the Air Force culture by increasing comrodery and culutral norms among junior level officers Increase "comperable officer experience" to 75% agree Increase "ROTC cadets adequately understand Air Force Culture" to 80% agree Reduce ASBC incidents by 15% Exchange at least 20 cadets per semester Improve Registrar staffing and mission Streamline exchange program process Market the reputation of the Academy to the entire Air Force Spring 2010 Complete all surveys and Polls Identify two pilot schools Get course manuals from schools Fall 2010 Spring 2011 Fall 2011 Submit list of courses to registrar's office Work with department heads to identify equivalent courses Put together a brief for the Dean Continue to survey cadets, ROTC and ASBC Bring in finance office and work out financial logistics Begin interview process at both USAFA and pilot ROTC detachments Brief the Superintendent Select 8 cadets - 4 techy, 4 human-strategic Work out housing and registration issues for selected cadets Run test exchange program Extensive feedback from both cadets and perm party on both ends Begin to identify four other schools Interview second pilot group of 8 cadets Potential Obstacles Permanent Party Logistics Funding Course Matchups Housing Food Transportation Getting approval Identifying issues Gaining support for the program Money to start program Pay structure for USAFA and ROTC cadets Justification for funds Ensuring course equivalents at both schools Fulfilling not only academic but military and athletic requirements Skills Referent Power Expert Power Legitimate Power Questions? Skills we have Skills we lack Overview Descriptive Model Prescriptive Model Skills Conclusions 51.6% agree life would be easier if at ROTC detachment 44.4% disagree there is no difference between ROTC and USAFA commissioning 36.8% disagree that USAFA and ROTC have a comparable officer training experience to usafa 35.1% disagree ROTC cadets adequately understand the Air Force culture at graduation "However, based on conversations i've had from both kinds of cadets, there's a lot of ROTC cadets that have a strong animosity towards USAFA cadets, and vice versa. " - USAFA Cadet "I think the general consensus is that the academy is more intense, people are more gung-ho and ready to make a career out of the military than people in rotc." - ROTC Cadet Present Data to permanent party in an attempt to highlight the culture gap Answer the "So What?" What's the problem with the culture gap? ASBC Problems USAFA Cadet Perceptions and Perspective Conclusions USAFA-ROTC Exchange will positively impact Air Force norms and culture The progam is feasable and practical (other exchanges already in place) Will reduce problems in ASBC and improve cooperation among company grade officers Initial Phase Planning and Data Phase Process and Approval Phase Implementation and Evaluation Phase Expectations, Training and Coaching, Fear of Loss, SARA
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