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Tech. Lab Procedures

Teacher Introduction and Tech. Lab Procedures

Daniele Deneka

on 8 January 2019

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Transcript of Tech. Lab Procedures

Dismissal Procedures
High Tech Student
Welcome to Technology
Mrs. Deneka

1. You must be on time to class. If you are tardy it will be recorded in Canvas.
2. You must come to class prepared with a pencil.
3. No GUM, CANDY, FOOD or BEVERAGES will be allowed or consumed in the lab!
4. Use indoor voices to speak with your partner(s).
5. Do not DRAW, MARK or WRITE on the workstation furniture, screens, or anything else! The student(s) in the workstation must replace any item deliberately damaged. If something is missing or damaged report it to the teacher immediately.
6. Please do not adjust or turn the computer monitors.
7. Do not sit on the workstation counter tops.
8. Leave all belongings in the discussion area.
9. At the end of the period CLEAN UP after yourself. Each week one group will be "lab assistants". They will check each station and the equipment - make sure computers are logged off, chairs are pushed in properly, equipment is stored, etc. The lab assistants for the week will receive candy at the end of the class period.
Class Rules
Tech Lab Procedures
Computer Lab Rules
What are we going to do in 6th Grade: Exploring Engineering & Technology?
What are rules?
How do rules and procedures differ?

Turn & Talk:
Discuss with your neighbor rules that you think would be important to follow while in the computer lab and be
prepared to explain why.

6th & 7th Grade:

Quizzes 10 - 15 points
Design Challenges/Projects 20 - 25 points
Daily grades/worksheets 10 - 15 points
Teamwork/participation 5 points

What are we going to do in 7th grade: Invention and Innovation?
the equipment
1st infraction
• Verbal Warning
• Document in Canvas

2nd infraction
• Document in Canvas
• Parent contact

3rd infraction
• Document in Canvas
• Parent contact
• Loss of group privileges - work independently

4th infraction
• Document in Canvas
• Parent contact
• Discipline Referral

* Bottled water must be kept on the shelves.
Fire Drill Procedures
Intruder & Tornado Procedures
o All project filming requires a pre-approved script and a signed pass from the video teacher.
o All portable equipment must be signed out before use.
o All students must wear the ID badge provided by the teacher.
o Your personal learning device is not to interfere with the classroom. Use is a privilege that must adhere to Cherokee Charter Academy's usage policy. If you violate the rules of the class or of CCA you will lose this privilege.
o No filming of any students without their permission.
o No physical stunts, vulgarity, references to drugs, sex, or violence.
o No simulations of weapons, profanity, smoking, drinking, drug use, or sexuality are allowed in school video.
o If rules are broken or the faculty complains about student behavior, then the student forfeits all filming privileges until further notice.

When "clean-up" is called:
1. Students will save their work to OneDrive and exit the program(s) they are using.
2. Students will log off of their computer.
3. Students will straighten the keyboard and mouse, put their work in the correct drawer, and push in their chairs, one by each set of drawers. Workstations will be checked before students are dismissed.
4. Students will return to the discussion area for a wrap up discussion.
5. The lab assistants will check the workstations and equipment storage area.

*The teacher dismisses you.....not the bell.*
A High Tech Student group will be chosen in each class period every week (usually posted on Tuesdays).
These students will exemplify a good attitude, proper behavior, and a good work ethic.
They must also demonstrate a strong understanding of the subject matter.
The High Tech Students will receive candy at the end of the week and they will sit at the High Tech Student station on the wheeled chairs. :-)
* Note: The wheeled chairs must be used respectfully and correctly or the group will return to their regular work station.
6th Grade Units:
Teamwork/Work Ethic
Simple Machines and Mechanisms
STEM Engineering Design Process
Engineering and Technology Careers

What are we going to do in 8th grade: Technological Systems?
1. When you enter the lab be seated quietly in the discussion area. After we have taken roll, and discussed the day's warm up and assignment, you or your partner will gather your group's materials and move to your workstation. You may begin work as soon as your partner arrives.

2. Each day you are required to follow the directions and complete the daily tasks assigned.

3. Do not leave your work area unless you have permission from the teacher.

4. If you need a restroom break you must sign out on the sign out sheet by the classroom door.

5. If you need assistance, please raise your hand. I will get to you as soon as possible, while you wait try to solve your problem with your partner.

8th Grade:
Check Points 10 points
Teamwork 5 points
Activity Logs 15 points
Challenges/proj. 25 points
Daily work 10 points
Quizzes 10 - 15 points

8th Grade Units
Teamwork/work ethic
Universal Systems Model
Electricity and Electronics
Programming and robotics

Discipline Procedure
Class Agenda Board
How do you use technology
in your daily life?
Warm UP
20 m Prezi/Course Intro.
20 m Classroom Scavenger
10 m Review Scavenger Hunt
and rules/expectations
Things created by humans that
make life easier or solve a problem
Universal Systems Model
Definition of system
A system is a group of
parts working together
to accomplish a task
Systems can be human
made or natural
Types of Systems
Any questions?
Parts of the Universal Systems Model
What is the engineering design process? (EDP)
The EDP is a series of steps that we follow to help us solve a problem.
You will follow this
process to solve
challenges throughout
the course.
1. Ask
2. Imagine
3. Plan
4. Create
5. Experiment
6. Improve

* Communicate throughout the process
8th Grade
Today you will work with your group to research two Universal Systems Models.
You will create a chart to organize your research.
If time remains, you will begin creating a poster to share your information.
You may present your findings to the class.
7th Grade
Today you will complete an EDP word list. You will brainstorm 50 words related to the Engineering Design process.
Then you will create an EDP Word Cloud on Wordle.
If time remains, you will begin the Tower Research flip book.
6th Grade
Today you will create an EDP poster.
Classroom Scavenger Hunt
: Work by yourself or pair up with a partner to locate the
items/places listed on the classroom scavenger hunt and answer
the corresponding questions.
Return to the discussion area when your scavenger hunt is completed
Do not run. Number your paper and choose where to start. Don't call
out answers. You may work with a partner but each person must hand
in an answer sheet.

What is Technology?
Time to take the PreTest.
Warm Up

What is your definition of system?
Warm Up

What is the engineering design process?
Who uses it?

Respect everyone.
Speak kindly to one another.
Work cooperatively.
Listen to one another.
Include everyone.
Work to impress classroom visitors.

espect the materials/tools/equipment.
Clean up after yourself.
Keep tools/equipment in good condition.

Always do your best! :-)
Warm Up:

Identify rules, procedures,
and expectations for the
technology lab.
Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners may not be used in the discussion area.

Fidget spinners will not be spun when the teacher is talking.

Fidget spinners should not distract other students' learning in the work area.
7th Grade Units:
Teamwork/Work Ethic
STEM Engineering Design Process
Inventions and Innovations
CAD/3D Printing
Product Development
What will we be learning in Technology & Engineering STEM Class?
Audio Video/Film Technology
Programming & Robotics
Automotive & Electronics
3D Modeling & 3D Printing
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