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The St. Timothy School Counseling Program:

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Beth Mertens

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of The St. Timothy School Counseling Program:

Welcome to the Saint Timothy School Counseling Program!
How can we help you?
What drives the Program? What do we believe?
Our Beliefs, Vision, and Mission:
Our Mission

St. Timothy Catholic School Counseling Program’s mission is to assist students with their academic and social/emotional needs, explore their future aspirations, promote their spiritual growth, and encourage service to others with an individualized, child-centered approach that is rooted in the Catholic faith and honors the dignity of each child. The program's services focus on students' strengths and abilities and are designed to remove the barriers to academic achievement and promote student success. .
Our Vision

Saint Timothy Catholic School students will become independent learners, critical thinkers, and compassionate citizens who embody their Catholic faith. Through access to a challenging, differentiated curriculum and a comprehensive school counseling program, our students are prepared to meet the demands of the 21st century.
In the STS Counseling Program, we believe:

•All students are capable of achievement.
•Access to a comprehensive school counseling program allows students to have their social, emotional, and academic needs met at their developmental level.
•School counselors play a vital role in advocating for a safe, nurturing, and dynamic learning environment for all students, not just those with identified emotional or academic needs.
•School counselors, in collaboration with parents and teachers, develop and implement strategies and interventions that address the individual needs of each child.
•Data-driven decision making is an integral component of effectively meeting the needs of our stakeholders.
•It is incumbent upon professional school counselors to both understand and consistently use the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counseling to guide our practice and decision making

But wait, that's not all!
Counselors Help Parents, too!
I'm here to help students with their social, emotional and academic needs during the school day.

How do I do that?
Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
The Olweus bullying prevention program is a systematic, comprehensive and standardized program that is research based and is recognized as a SAMHSA Model Program. It involves the total effort of all school staff (including teachers, principals, guidance counselors, cafeteria workers, playground volunteers, bus drivers, etc.) as well as students, parents, and other members of the community, to reduce bullying and disrespectful behavior. Important components of the program include: school wide anti-bullying rules, a standardized method of intervening in a bullying situation, negative consequences for bullying behavior, and positive recognition of respectful, compassionate behaviors.

School Wide Anti-Bullying Rules and Virtues

1. Respect: We will not bully others.
2. Compassion: We will include students who are easily left out.
3. Integrity: When we know somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school or an adult at home.
4. Fortitude: We will try to help students who are bullied.
Resources and Reference Info
Parent Education Program
We will work as a team to develop and implement strategies to address the individual needs of your child.
I can join you for parent/teacher conferences! And, with your permission, I can consult with outside professionals to ensure that your child's needs are met in the school setting.
Got a Question? I might have the answer. And, if not, I do have a book or website that can help you out!
Check out our "GoodReads Shelf to see some books available for check out from our Parent Lending Library!


Managing the Dynamics of Female Friendships
Using Positive Discipline
Preparing for Preschool
Strategies for Academic Success
For interested parents, we can offer the parenting groups
STEP: Parenting Young Children (birth-5)
STEP: Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (for ages 6-12)
Perhaps your child needs more support that I can provide in the school setting. I have referral information for local therapists, psychologists, testing services or counseling groups that are better suited to serve your child's needs.
Getting to know your Professional School Counselor!
I began my career as a 5th grade teacher at St. Timothy's. I earned my undergraduate degree and professional teacher's license at The College of William and Mary and completed my masters in school counseling at Virginia Tech. Currently I am pursing an Ed.S in Administration and Supervision at the University of Virginia. I am also a National Board Certified Counselor and a member of multiple professional organizations. I am passionate about collaboration, advocacy and creating innovative ways to help children learn and grow!
I have been a member of the St. Timothy school community for 15 years and now both my children attend school here as well. I have been so blessed to be a part of this wonderful community!
Individual Counseling
Group Counseling Sessions
Classroom Guidance Lessons
Coffee with the Counselor Presentations:
Classroom Guidance Lessons: Developmentally appropriate lessons based on National, State, and Diocesan standards

What will we learn this year?
Anti-Bullying Strategies: What is bullying and how do you handle it?

Skills for Academic Success: organization, time management and study skills
Exploring Careers

Preparing for Middle School: how to manage the new expectations of 6th grade

Preparing for High School: planning schedules and exploring career interests
Meet with students on a drop-in basis, or with parent permission, in a planned program of counseling
Meetings will focus on student strengths and identifying and practicing coping skills like:
~Deep breathing for stress management
~Assertive communication in a conflict situation
~Anti-bullying strategies
Students can self-refer or be referred by parents or teachers
Structured groups require parent permission and focus on a specific skills like study skills or stress management. We meet during the school day for about 30 minutes on a rotating schedule. In groups, students also develop their self-confidence, learn problem solving skills, and meet new friends!
Here are some of the groups we have offered:
1st and 2nd Grade:
What a Friend! (learning to resolve conflicts and cooperate with others)
Storytelling Stars: (using books to learn about solving conflicts, staying positive, and managing strong emotions)
Working with pairs or groups of students to resolve conflicts using assertive communication and "The Rules for Fighting Fair"
Recently, we celebrated our very own "Mix-It-Up Day"! Check out how much we have in common
5th Grade:
Study Skills
Communicate Straight (assertive communication for girls)

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade:
Middle School Support Group: (Stress Management, Organization, Time Management and Goal Setting)
3rd and 4th Grade:
Road to Success (strategies for academic success)
Good Buddies Club (how to practice good sportsmanship and make new friends)
Stressbusters (stress management techniques)

Decision Making Skills

Peer Refusal Strategies

Conflict Resolution Techniques
We meet in my office and sometimes use of art supplies, toys, or books during our meetings.
Secret Agents Club: Random Acts of Kindness
Mighty Mentors: A peer mentoring program in which trained middle school students meet regularly with selected elementary students to provide them with support, guidance, and friendship.
Please contact the counselor if you are interested!
Playing a game to practice positive thinking skills
Our Worry Warriors help us manage stress!
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