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No description

Zachary Lipson

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Italy

White stands for peace and honesty.
stands for hope, joy and love.
stands for bravery, strength.
Italy Flag
Italian Food is So Good!!!!
Italy Major Cities
Languages, Government and what religions are practiced

By Zachary Kyle Lipson

Italians refer to one another by their city of origin (Milanese, Roman, Florentine, etc.).
In 1986, when McDonald’s opened in Rome, protestors against the fast-food chain stood outside the restaurant and handed out free pasta.

Italian is the official language.
Most youths also speak English, French, Latin.
116,305 sq miles
How big is Italy and the Flag of Italy and the population
60.92 million people in (2012)
Healthcare services are coordinated through government agencies. Individuals can choose their family physician; the government pays for most services.
Health of People in Italy
Traditional Italian foods include: 1. Pasta, which can be prepared using different types of sauce. 2. Pizza, which can be prepared with fresh produce; herbs and vegetables
Weather in Italy
During the summer, the alpine north can experience an occasional thunderstorm, though nine hours of sunshine can be fairly typical as well.
In the furthest south, and in Sicily and Sardinia, you will experience the hottest and driest weather in Italy.
In general the climate in Rome, and especially Florence and the Tuscan region is very mild.
The main season is spring, summer and autumn, especially because the landscape at that time of the year is very beautiful.
Italians are famously fond of gesticulating, but you should be very careful using any gestures.
Italian Lifestyle and Greeting and Gestures
Ferrari and other Italian Cars!!!!
Italians are warm, welcoming people who love to relax, celebrate and socialise with family and friends.
Vending Machines that have Homemade Pizza in it!!!!!!!!!!!
The form of governments in Italy Constitutional republic, Parliamentary republic, Unitary republic

What religions are practiced?

The Catholic Church is widely respected.
The Italian currency (monetary unit)
Ethnic Groups in Italy
Italy Courtesies
Holidays and Festivals
New Year's Day), Ognissanti, Capodanno
Museums and Landmarks in Italy
The Coliseum
The Museum
Italy Exchange Family and Friends
Italy Family Life
Italians are warm, welcoming people who love to relax, celebrate and socialise with family and friends.
The Cock's Stone
Companions of the Forest
A Crime of Honour
The Cunning Shoemaker

Italy fables and myth and folktales
Prepare for an Italian love affair—with the land, food or a new sweetheart.
Italy dating and marriage traditions
Common things to eat in Italy
What rites of passage did people in Italy go through?
My friends often ask me for support in travel preparation when they plan to go to Italy.
What did you do if you were asked to go to somebody's house in Italy
Forms in Transportation in Italy
Modern Cars and Buses.
Country Description
Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)/Embassy Location
Entry/Exit Requirements for U.S. Citizens

Italy government
Yet we will be arriving in Italy in September and more and more people are talking about the economy collapsing.
Italian Economy
1.37 US Dollar
Italy currency and echange rate
Rome McDonalds
Venice Houses
Croats of Italy, Egyptians in Italy, Italian Jews, Australians in Italy
Italy." CultureGrams Online Edition. ProQuest, 2014. Web. 7 Jan 2014.
"Italy." Britannica School. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 2014. Web. 7 Jan. 2014.
Recognition of birth, marriage, and death are the three major turning points in the intimate life of a family. They may still be celebrated with dishes or ingredients traceable to the Renaissance, but many older traditions have been changed or forgotten entirely in the last thirty years.
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