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Segue Portfolio

No description

Linda Blair

on 2 October 2016

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Transcript of Segue Portfolio


What is Proficiency?

Students will demonstrate proficiency in their content areas through the completion of
Performance Based Assessments

•All content areas will be required to give 1 PBA per unit of instruction.
2 PBAs per quarter.
total PBAs per Core Content area
total PBAs per MAGn’T Content

•Students must demonstrate proficiency in
at least 75%
of their PBAs for each content.

6 proficient PBAs
per Core content

3 proficient PBAs
per MAGn’T content

Inside Out Projects
Students will demonstrate individual interests through the completion of the “Inside-Out” project.
The “Inside-Out” project is a student designed project that can involve anything within the student’s interests either in or outside of school.
“Inside-Out” projects must be pre-approved by a student’s
“Inside-Out” projects must follow the “Inside-Out” project guidelines.
•“Inside-Out” projects are graded using the “Inside-Out” rubric by the student’s advisor.

Deadlines and Consequences
Why Portfolio?
Encourages students to demonstrate
across all content areas.
Gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their
individual interests
through the use of extended learning opportunities.
Guides students to practice
and to demonstrate their ability to serve the
Gives students the avenue to
analyze performance and growth
throughout the school year.

Proficiency Continued...
PBAs will be graded using
that align to the standards and skills in the specific unit.

•Students must achieve an
overall score of 3
or better in order for the PBA to be eligible for the student’s portfolio.

Teachers are responsible for the
creation, implementation, and grading of all PBAs
given in their content.

•Teachers are responsible for the
creation and use of all rubrics used specifically for content PBAs.


Segue staff will
portfolio expectations.
Why Portfolio?
What is proficiency?
Inside Out Projects
Community Service

Community Service
One way students demonstrate citizenship is through community service.
Community Service requirements are graded on a rubric by the student’s
•Community Service requirements are grade specific.
6th Grade
- 3 hours in one environment or service learning project
7th Grade
- 5 hours in no more than two separate environments or service learning project
8th Grade
- A total of 8 hours in two separate environments or service learning projects.
Students will be responsible for the following
per Core Content (Total of 8)

per MAGn’T Content (Total of 4)
for the “Inside-Out” Project
for Community Service Project (2 for 8th graders)
Students do not need a 3 on a PBA in order to
on the PBA.
Students can reflect on PBAs in which they earn a 1 or a 2. Those students' reflections will be
a little

Their reflection should describe a plan on how they will improve their performance on the PBA in the "analyze" section of the reflection.

Teachers must include
PBA specific prompts
in their reflection worksheets that guide students to write meaningful responses, while still following the describe, analyze and extend format.
(I suggest creating one "analyze response" for students who receive a 3 or 4 and a different "analyze response" for students who receive a 1 or 2)
Reflections will be hand written in class after a PBA has been graded by the classroom teacher and handed back to students (Describe and Extend sections can be done on PBA days.)
Classroom teachers will grade hand written reflections using a
When a student earns a 3 on the reflection, he/she then needs to type the reflection onto a
PORTFOLIO google doc
Teams will create a plan as to when students will type reflections/ revise reflections- this requires reflections to be a topic of conversation during CPT's.
Reflection Rubric
Presentations will occur May- June
This allows for one student to be scheduled to present each day.
Students will present:

1 PBA from
each core class
1 PBA for MAGn'T
Community Service Experience
Inside Out Project

If a students does not meet a checkpoint, he/she will be given
social suspension
. In order to get off social suspension a student must submit all required artifacts. The Portfolio Progress Monitoring Spreadsheet (PPMS) will be checked every Tuesday by Mr. Gravina following a checkpoint. Students who complete the requirements by the Tuesday will get off social suspension that afternoon.
Advisor's Role

Community Service
Inside Out Proposal/ Projects
Reflections for Inside Out Project and Community Service
Tracking the Completion of PBA's
Presentation Scheduling
Inviting Families to Presentations
Inputting C.S. and Inside Out info in PPMS
Classroom Teacher's Role
Reflections for PBA's
Organization of Students Digital Portfolio
Inputting PBA and Reflection grades in PPMS
Creating team wide plan to support students with portfolio
Due: April
See this years Calendar on Weebly Site
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