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Across The Universe


Alex Pana

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Across The Universe

By Alexandre Pana Across the Universe Setting Characters The famous novel, Across the Universe, by Beth Revis, takes place on the space ship Gospeed, soaring through space several hundred years in the future.
The ship has 3 main floors, the shipper level, the keeper level, and the feeder level. The shipper level includes the engine room, where the enormous engine that's moving the ship can be found. Shippers work in here to keep the ship moving. The keeper level includes Elder and Eldest's sleeping quarters and the Learning Center, where Eldest trains Elder. The feeder level is the biggest floor where most of the 2100 passengers of Godspeed live. The passengers, or feeders, work in farms and greenhouses to provide food for the entire ship. There is also a medical center, where people go to when they're sick. There are also a number of "mental" people who live there. Finally, there's the Recorder Hall, where all the data of Earth is stored safely in computers and can be easily accessed. Amy Elder Eldest The Doctor Harley Orion Thanks for listening! (Even though you didn't have a choice) The Entire Trilogy Review "I really loved this book. There was always suspense and it keeps the reader curious and glued to the book. I was always wondering what would happen next and what happened in the past. I think that it was cool how each chapter alternated between Amy and Elder narrating . When Amy was narrating, I was wondering what Elder was thinking and vice-versa. There was an amazing twist at the end that I didn't expect. At the end of the book, you can read the first chapter of the sequel. I read it and it just made me more curious. I really want to know what happens next and I'm definitely going to buy the rest of this amazing trilogy." - Alexandre Pana Plot Exposition Initial Incident Climax Rising Action Falling Action Denouement The story starts before the ship has been launched. Amy and her parents get frozen. We learn about Elder as he describes life on the ship. The first frozen is killed and Amy survives the unfreezing. More and more frozens are killed and a few are saved.
There was an Elder between the ones we know.
Harley dies :( . We find out that Orion was the one unfreezing the people and he Kills Eldest. Orion is stuffed into one of the cryogenic pods. Without being properly prepared, here is a very tiny chance that he survived. Elder becomes Eldest. We find out that Elder had a secret, he was the one who unfroze Amy! To be continued... Short Summary Amy on Earth, doesn't want to leave but wants to stay with her parents. Elder on ship, Eldest tells him the first two causes of discord. He hells Elder to try to figure out the last one on his own. Amy is still conscious while frozen, she dreams sometimes. She's scared that she's dead and that she'll be stuck in this limbo forever. Elder goes to the Recorder Hall to research the third cause of discord, difference and lack of leadership. He meets Orion. Orion tells him that there's a secret floor under the feeder level. He goes to investigate and sees all the frozens. Eldest and the doctor find him and tell him to leave. Amy feels warmth. She's waking up! An alarm sounds and Elder and the Doctor head to the cryogenic pods quickly. They find Amy, who luckily survived. Amy is confused as Elder and the doctor carry her to the hospital. They explain that the ship hasn't landed yet and that if won't for another 50 years. The doctor tell her that she can't be refrozen because her cells wouldn't be able to withstand it again, so she's stuck on the ship. She feels like Elder is trustworthy. Elder tells Eldest what happened and Eldest isn't pleased. Eldest tells Elder to ignore Amy because she's different and to keep trying to find the third cause. Amy becomes good friends with Harley and finds out that normal people are considered mental and that the emotionless feeders who work on farms are "normal" and that the mental patients have to take special pills on a regular basis. The "mental" people who live in the hospital are fascinated with her because everyone on the ship looks the same while she's has bright red hair and pale skin. She tells them about what Earth was like. Eldest notices that Amy was causing commotion and issues an announcement saying that she was actually a failed experiment and that she's prone to lying. Everyone besides Harley and Elder now hates her. The alarm sounds again and Amy, Elder, and Harley rush to the pods. They were too late and the victim died. Amy is scared that her parents might be next, but she can't unfreeze them because they are essential to the mission when they get on Centauri-Earth. She meets Orion while wandering the ship and feels like he's friendly. Elder finds a hatch with a window where they can see the stars around them. Harley is fascinated by the stars because people on Godspeed have never seen them before, so he offers to stay and guard the frozens just so he can see the stars.
Elder develops a crush on Amy and stays with her in her hospital room. Eldest is angry with Elder for not find the third cause of discord but lets him stay with Amy anyway. Elder spends most of his time with Amy. The alarm sounds again but Harley, Amy, and Elder manage to save the frozen before he defrosted. Unfortunately it was just a distraction and a different person is unfrozen and killed. They keep wondering who keeps unfreezing the people. Amy goes back to her hospital room. She hopes that Harley can protect her parents. She suspects that Eldest, whom she thinks is an evil tyrant is the one unfreezing all the people. She tells Elder and he seems to agree with her. Later, Elder goes back to Eldest. Eldest is a bit drunk and Elder feels like this a good time to try to get information out of him and asks him why Amy thinks that the feeders aren't normal and that the mental patients are. They have a little fight. Eldest gets angry and decides to tell him. There is a drug called phydus being pumped in the all the water of ship that calms people extremely, making them mindless feeders. The special pills that the mental patients take cancels the effects. He tells Eldest that the third cause of discord is individual thought and that this eliminates it. He also says that there was an Elder before him and after Eldest who Eldest ordered to be killed. The doctor was instructed to, but Eldest isn't sure if he did or not. Elder is enraged, but before he can do anything, the alarm sounds once more. They rush to the cryo-chambers. Amy and the doctor also hear the alarm and go there too. They see that most of the cryo-pods have been open, including Amy's dad. Amy and Elder both think it's Eldest and Elder starts fighting with him. From the shadows, Orion appears and dumps a huge bucket of phydus dumped on Eldest. It calms his entire body to the point that his heart no longer beats. He was literally calmed to death. Apparently, Orion was the "dead" Elder, the doctor gave him phydus thinking that he would turn into a brainless feeder, but Orion fought it. He then got rid of the real Orion and took his place. He's been living in the shadows and avoiding Eldest ever since. Orion tells Elder that he was unfreezing the frozens because they planned to use all the feeders as slaves when they got on the new planet and that's why he was killing them. This is when Elder realized that Orion was just as crazy as Eldest. He shoved Orion into a cryo-pod and activated it before he knew what hit him. Because Eldest died, Elder became the next Eldest. He vowed to stop using the phydus and that the feeders deserved to have emotions. After several days without the drug, the feeders were very confused. They were not happy that they were stuck on the ship and that some of them would probably die before reaching Centauri-Earth, but they were all happy because they could finally feel for the first time. Elder (now Eldest) called them all to a meeting and explained everything. But something was wrong with Elder, he seemed guilty. He approached Amy and told her that he needed to tell her something. When he first saw her in the cryo-chamber, he was amazed at her beauty, her fiery red hair and how it looked like the sun he had only ever seen in videos of Earth. So he unfroze her. he didn't know that she wouldn't be able to be refrozen. Amy was furious. She attacked Elder and then ran to her room. Could things ever bee the same between them? Elder goes with Amy, but then goes back to check how Harley is doing. He doesn't seem like his normal self. He keeps talking about the stars and how he wants to get closer to them. Elder decides to scout around the cryo-chambers checking for evidence. When he comes back, Harley has locked himself inside a hatch. He was one of the few, actually crazy patients and couldn't wait until the ship landed to see the stars. He used the control panel to open the hatch and was dumped into space, just so that he could get closer to his precious stars. Elder goes to tell Amy what happened and they're both very sad, but they couldn't have done anything about it.
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