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Calgary Multicultural Centre invites you to

No description

Nicole Bortsi

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Calgary Multicultural Centre invites you to

Calgary, Alberta
9:35-9:50: KASAPA! African drumming
10:00-10:20: Nigerian - Comedy
10:25-10:45: Ethiopian Fashion show
10:50-11:00: Jamaican Steel Pan
11:00-11:25: Congolese Musical
11:25 am-2:00 pm: Lunch
2:40-3:00: Scottish Highland Dancing
3:00: Closing remarks
To promote social integration
To promote social harmony
Positive changes in attitudes of people
To celebrate cultural heritage
Strengthen community bonds and ties
To promote social cohesion and inclusion among the different ethnic culture
To inform and educate people about different culture
To understand the different culture
To prevent inter-ethnic conflict.
Felt needs, expressed needs, normative needs and comparative needs were identified in collaboration with community partners through direct needs assessment surveys and indirect needs assessment.
Nigerian in Diaspora
Centre for Newcomers
First Annual Multicultural Festival
Calgary Multicultural Centre invites you to
Celebrating the diversity present in Calgary.
Our hope is to create a cohesive and inclusive multicultural community.
8:00: Registration
8:15-8:30: Spoken Word
8:30-9:00: Indian dance
9:05-9:30: Aboriginal Storytelling
Able to increase interactions and relationship building between cross-cultural groups in Calgary
Provision of information, education and training
Create a social opportunity for multicultural networking and communication
Positively impact our organization
Create a social platform to assist us in fulfilling our mandate
Promote our organization and the services offered
Seeks to showcase the vibrancy of the ethnic and cultural groups
Provide the opportunity for these various groups to represent their own cultural identities
Strengthen the city’s social fabric
Recognizing and valuing the strengths of Canada’s cultural diversity
Matches our core values
Aligned with our strategic towards partnership commitments
1) Create and sustain new future partnerships that will enhance our goal
2) Meaningfully engage citizens
3) Strategically connect partners through networking
4) Showcase the pride of local cultures
Four-point Plan
-Association of United Ukrainian Canadians
-Canadian Jewish Congress
-Flavor Kitchen
-Assembly of First Nations
-East Indian Kitchen
Our Community

Our Organization
Our Results
To promote cultural awareness and unity among different communities in Calgary by recognizing and valuing the strengths of Canada’s cultural diversity
In kind Sponsorships:

Edo Restaurant - $300.00
Cost of light refreshments, pop
and water
Flavor Kitchen - $400.00
Cost of catering for 10 invited
guest artists
East Indian Kitchen - $300.00
Catering for breakfast and lunch for 10
Organizers and 20 Volunteers
Centre for Newcomers
Presenting seminar on the value of
multicultural society.

Monetary Sponsorships:
Ten Thousand Villages - $400.00
Assembly of First Nations - $500.00
Nigerian in Diaspora Organization - $1000.00
Scotiabank - $1000.00
Canadian Jewish Congress - $500.00
Canadian Arab Federation - $200.00
Association of United Ukrainian Canadians - $400.00

Calgary Foundation

Media production - $2000.00
speakers, videographers, photographers, stage, microphones, soundboard
Hygienic Facilities - $2500.00
Portable Washrooms
Rentals - $1000.00
Administration- $500.00
Volunteer T-Shirts- $800.00
Food and Drinks- $1200.00
chairs and tables, Vendor booths
Advertisements- $1000.00
Flyers, posters, etc
Decorational Pieces-$1000.00
Flags, Banners, Large World Map, Buttons, Balloons, etc
**Our partners will have the benefits of having a free stands to showcase their organizations and activities, and also a complimentary coverage in our brochure.**
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