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No description

Jeffery whigham

on 5 September 2017

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Transcript of Satisfeet

Age range: 10-19
Gender: Male and Female athletes
Income range: Middle class
Ethnicity: all races
Occupation: Student Athlete
Attitudes and Values:
Hard working
Lifestyles and Interests:
Color/ Style
Black, red, white
ankle and calf height
we named our brand satisfeet because the sock is very comfortable and will satisfy your feet
What makes our sock so good?

Materials in our socks
why buy this?
The sock is set at a very afordable price and the quality of the our product beats our competition hands down.
Product Development
target locations:
Our slogan is "Satisfeet saves your sole" because the material that it was made with is guaranteed to help preserve the materials in the shoe

Cool Max
We make our socks out of the latest and greatest materials on the market to ensure that our socks are breathable for athletes but also comfortable for every day use.
We set our price at $10 dollars for a pack of two pairs of socks.
Our venues
we sell our products at .....
Dicks sporting goods
Finish Line
Foot Locker
The reason for our products selling here is because athletes visit these stores most frequently to purchase their equipment.
you can find our products in the front of the store on display or in the shoe and sock isles.
Our new product will boost the sasles and revenue of the company because of the quality and price that beats our competitors by offering the best cooling and durability that there is on the market.
"satisfeet saves your sole"
The name of our sock is satispro. We named our sock satispro because it has professional level comfort and materials
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