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USC Alma Mater

No description

kate haynie

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of USC Alma Mater

The University of South Carolina's Alma Mater An Alma mater is the official anthem of a school, college, or university. (dictionary.com) These songs are used to show the pride and spirit of a school in lyrics that will carry on for years and years. "We Hail Thee Carolina" The alma mater was created because of a contest with a prize of 50 dollars"We Hail Thee Carolina"

We hail thee, Carolina, and sing thy high praise
With loyal devotion, remembering the days
When proudly we sought thee, thy children to be:
Here's a health, Carolina, forever to thee!

Since pilgrims of learning, we entered thy walls
And found dearest comrades in thy classic halls
We've honored and loved thee as sons faithfully;
Here's a health, Carolina, forever to thee!

Generations of sons have rejoiced to proclaim
Thy watchword of service, thy beauty and fame;
For ages to come shall their rallying cry be:
Here's a health, Carolina, forever to thee!

Fair shrine of high honor and truth, thou shalt still
Blaze forth as a beacon, thy mission fulfill,
And crowned by all hearts in a new jubilee:
Here's a health, Carolina, forever to thee! TRADITION It is tradition to raise your right hand, fingers cupped, when the words "Here's a health, Carolina" is sung. Like a toast In March, 1911, The University of South Carolina posted a contest in the newspaper, "The Gamecock", announcing a fifty dollar reward to someone that came up with the best Alma mater song. The music for USC's Alma mater was created based off of the lyrics from the song "Flow gently, sweet Afton" by Robert Jones. The term alma mater is from Latin, meaning “nourishing mother.” It refers either to the school, college, or university that one has attended, or the musical anthem of an institution of higher learning. (Centenary)

Most every college or university as an Alma mater created to show their support for the school. The songs are created in many different ways. Often times sung at sporting events, where students and alumni can come together as one. http://www.songlyrics.com/burns-robert/flow-gently-sweet-afton-lyrics/ http://www.centenary.edu/about/history/alma http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Alma+mater?s=t http://www.sc.edu/usc/almamater.html The songs not chosen in the contest where put into song books and sung at chapel at The University of South Carolina. BIBLIOGRAPHY
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