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What is a network?

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on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of What is a network?

What is a network?
These resources could be a printer, scanner, software or even an internet connection.

For example, a student database in a school could be accesses from any of the computers connected to the network. which allows people easy access.
There are also two different types of networks
Peer-to-peer network
Client-server networks
Here are the main features of peer-to-peer networks
all computers can share each other's resources (eg printer, scanners, data etc.)
Each computer on the network has equal status
A network is two or more computers that are linked together so that they are able to
share resources
You can also share data
using using a network
Client-server networks
These are the main features of client-server network
One more powerful computer, called the server, is used to store the data and the programs needed by the whole network. The server is in control of the network.
Software and data is stored on the server, so it can be accessed by all the computers on the network
They are the popular choice for networks that need lots of computers
Peer-to-Peer networking is ideal for home networks or small businesses where a simple inexpensive network is all that is needed
Large organizations would use a client-server network because it is more powerful and can do a lot more.
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