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Copy of El Bulli

No description

Mark Taylor

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of El Bulli

Finally Case Study The Restaurant Our Recommendation
Option 3 Re-Open elBulli in its original location, with a more aggressive strategy S.W.O.T El Bulli Case study
By: Rachael Rosario, Christina Taggart & Mark Taylor History Michelin Stars 1961 - Opened by Hanz Schilling

1965- Began to serve food at elBulli

1968- elBulli had become a restaurant and offered apartments for rent Chef Adria The Experience The Cuisine The Uniqueness The Daily Process Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats P.E.S.T Political Economic Social-cultural Technological 1900s- Michelin stars started as a hotel and restaurant guide book for France

1933- Andre and Edouard came up with the star system for rating

Use of Michelin stars quickly spread throughout European countries and reached the U.S. in 2005

2009- Only 81 three star restaurants worldwide Lineage of Chefs before Adria 1975-80- Chef Jean-Louis Neichel

Late 1980- Neichel announces he is leaving and Juli Soler is hired as the new director

1984- Ferran Adria began working at elBulli under Jean-Paul Vinay 1962- Born in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

1980- Dropped administrative studies to work in Ibiza as a dishwasher

During military service he worked as a cook and met Fermi Puig who worked at elBulli

1987- Adria took sole charge of the elBulli kitchen

1987- Met the great chef Jacques Maximin and learned to stop copying and start creating ~Holistic experience

~Adria wants to provide unexpected contrasts of flavor, texture, and temperature

"The ideal customer does not come here to eat, but to have an experience" -Deconstructivist
-30 different dishes
-The use of gastronomy in food creation
-Gadgets in the kitchen
-El Taller The Start 7 a.m. to noon- They purchase various ingredients needed from local suppliers
10 a.m.- Adria arrives and plans his own personal schedule for the day
3 p.m.- Cooking starts
4 p.m.- Hall team cleans and prepares the dining hall
5:30 p.m.- Everything is ready for customers to arrive at 7:30
Process repeated every day that elBulli was open *One of a kind restaurant
*World renowned chef and restaurant
*Unique and innovative talent brought to the culinary world
*Ferran Adria is a great teacher and has taught many of the world’s famous chefs today
*Unique experience- often imitated but never duplicated
*Recipes are constantly changing so customers can dine more than once at elBulli and never have the same experience twice
*Awarding wait staff makes dining experience more intimate
*Ease of access to the restaurant
*Only open 6 months out of the year
*Does not charge a high enough price so they are not operating at profit maximization or even close
*Eating dinner takes 6 hours total which is a long night for the workers as well as the customers
*Taste is highly variable
*Total customer satisfaction is of no importance to the team at elBulli
*Accusations of unsafe food
*Other “deconstruction” restaurants could open now that elBulli’s recipes are published
*Aren’t able to accommodate a sufficient number of customers each year so they are losing many customers to other restaurants
*Profit Maximization is not considered
*Fresh food each day means no inventory which can be very risky
*Millions of people each year want to eat at elBulli
*Rated number one restaurant 5 different times
*Constant potential to stay on top of market because of new innovative philosophies and recipes
*Lots of room to expand
*Deciding to go global, they would incur lots of government regulated tariffs and zoning laws
*Health regulations concerning how much the food can be chemically altered
*Current economic crisis in many countries
*Cultural Beliefs as far
as meats that can be consumed
*Vegetarians and vegans not being able to eat every course
*People who don't drink alcohol would be concerned with all the special cocktails
*New technology can effect the new techniques they choose to use to make the food -Roses
-The Tour
-The Greeting
-Spectacular View
-Over 30 dishes
-Interactions Center for Research
& Learning Pros:
It allows Chef Adria to focus more on the gastronomy of it
With more time allotted for research his team could come up with some great ideas
Chef Adria would be able to teach others how he creates the complex dishes
Others could take this knowledge and expand it
This option does not allow the opportunity for as great as profit as the other options do
One of the world’s best restaurants for years would no longer exist
People could take ideas that they learn from Chef Adria, and use it to start their own businesses
Expand elBulli to Multiple
Locations Across the Globe Pros:
World renowned reputation established, getting enough business would not be a problem
They have the possibility to expand to a greater market and make a large profit because more people can easily reach multiple locations, which also makes it much easier to obtain reservations
It might be easier to research and create newer dishes in different countries based off cultural influences.
No longer need to spend money, time and effort traveling to different countries for research, because they already have an established restaurant in these places to keep them updated
The experience will no longer be as intimate.
Lose the intimacy of Ferran Adria focusing solely on one restaurant and the specific experience that his customers have
It will be very costly to replicate the same design, hire the same amount of skilled workers, and teach the unique dishes each time the menu changes
Much easier to obtain reservations and chances to eat there, so they lose their “exclusive” positioning
All of the equipment necessary will be difficult to obtain
Need to pick locations strategically based on where they can purchase their food.
Finding enough chefs who are capable of cooking the meals
-elBulli has strong potential to expand because of its reputation
-Priced at double what it previously was (460euro)
-Open 9 months instead of 6 Pros
-Keeping the intimate experience of the world's best restaurant
-More people can dine, at a higher price = more profit
-Still 3 months of the year to innovate
-Original location, keeping the unique spirit of elBulli
-Keeping in line with Chef Adria's vision

Works Cited http://www.elbulli.com/catalogo/catalogo/todo_anyo.php?lang=en&id_familia=4&id=1000




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