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How Internet has Changed Society since 2000

No description

Tony Masiuk

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of How Internet has Changed Society since 2000

Internet in the past 10 years What is Internet?
How it has advanced
Media Sharing
Gaming Web 2.0 Laptops Cellphones Communication Social Networking Instant Messaging/Email Media - Laptops and Cellphones are a new way of using internet today Buisness and Advertising
A new way of processing, exchanging and storing information Many companies and corporations
use the internet for their benefit. TV/Video Online news broadcasts MSN Facebook Bittorrent Education Moodle Search Engines
Skype VOIP (Voice Over
Internet Protocol)
Open source networking Problems with Internet Viruses Stealing Identity Theft Unsafe Websites Worms It is like an online virtual world Replacement of
paper and photographs instead of writing a letter,
you write an email photos can be created
and shared digitally
via internet Buisnesses are becoming
more and more efficient
and successful plones, email and
social networking - Computer software that is distributed under a licensing arrangement and which allows the computer code to be shared, viewed and modified by other users and organizations. What is/are...? Wikis The Digital Divide Digital Natives - The lack of access to information and communications technologies by segments of the community. - People who were born with recent technologies and have grown up using them - A website or similar online resource which allows users to add and edit content collectively How Internet Has Changed Society Since 2000 THE END What It Was Before Old school, isn't it? Web 2.0 A new way of using the net How big is the internet? How many net
users are there?
How many websites exist? Thank u for watching! jk....not quite =) When my parents
were my age..... it pretty much explains itself
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