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A cell as a human body

No description

Jessica Rivas

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of A cell as a human body

Cytoplasm The cytoplasm of a human body is the blood.The blood is a fluid inside the human body that is jelly like and contains mainly water. Cell membrane The cell membrane is a protective layer that covers the cell.It allows material to go into and out of the cell. A cell as a human body Nucleus The nucleus controls the cells functions.It is the brain of the cell. Cell wall Endoplasmic Reticulum The E.R is the road system in the cell.It transports materials throughout the cell. By:Jessica Rivas The cell membrane of a human body is the mouth because it allows things to in and out of the body. The cytoplasm is a fluid inside the cell that is jelly like contains mainly water. The nucleus of the human body is the brain because it controls and tells the body what to do. The cell wall is the outer most structure found only in plant cells.Gives plants a rigid structure. (E.R) The E.R of a human body is the veins because it transports the blood and other materials The Golgi bodies packages and distributes proteins. Golgi bodies Vacuole They are found throughout the cell.They digest waste found in the cell Lysosoms The ribosomes makes the proteins for the cell. Ribosomes The mitochondria is the power house.It is an organelle in the cytoplasm that functions in energy production. Mitochondrain The Golgi bodies of a human body is the large intestine. The vacuole stores water and other materials. The vacuole of a human body is the bladder.The bladder stores water and other things. The ribosomes for a human body is the calcium the calcium gives proteins to your body. The cell wall of a human body are the bones because they make the structure of the body. The mitochondria of a human body is the digestive tract. The cytoplasm makes food for the cell Cytoplasm The cytoplasm of a human body is us because we make our own food The lysosomses of a human body is the stomach
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