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Hail and Sleet

Casey, Shea, and Angela

Angela Torres

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Hail and Sleet

Casey, Shea, and Angela Hail and Sleet How can meteorologist study and predict weather? What is the largest hail stone found? What is the difference between sleet and hail? Where is hail more common? Humans protect themsleves from hazardous exposure of hail and sleet is............. That is the symbols used by meteorologists --> Sleet is caused mostly in winter storms. The largest hailstone ever found weighed 768g (1.7 lb.) in Kansas, U.S.A in 1970. It was about the size of a melon or large a grapefruit. Hail is most common in areas with warm summers. Where there is enough heat to cause the uplift of air. To stay away from glass. Hail or sleet can go right through the glass. Also stay in a safe place like your house, relatives house, friends house, buildings, etc. Like not outside stay inside or you would be ingured. Sleet: Hail: Hail is mostly caused in summer storms.Updrafts in the storm lift the rain to the upper, colder regions of the storm clouds, causing the rain to freeze, each time that happens the hail becomes bigger.During larger storms, especially those that spawn tornadoes, the updrafts are stronger and can cause much larger hail. Sleet forms when a partially melted snowflakes or raindrop turns back into ice as it falls through the air. Sleet is usually tiny clear ice pellets. Where is sleet more common? Sleet is most common in the winter time. Sleet is frozen rain drops so it would be like where it snow. Sleet mostly happens during a thunderstorm in the winter. They use symbols to help them understand whats happening. How much damage is cause by hail and sleet each year? Hail and sleet damages people's cars (mostly the windshield), crops, windows, and etc. When hail and sleet gets so powerful that is it damages the city, the city would have to pay over $5,000,000 million How it affects us.... If you have a car and you don't put it in a garage or you don't have one, then your car is sorta destroy. Your windshield will have shatted glass and holes through it even the back of the car. Also you would have dents from the hail or sleet hitting the car. So your car would look like it got beat up.
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