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Guns N' Roses Story

No description

João Carlos Guimarães

on 16 December 2016

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Transcript of Guns N' Roses Story

Thank you for your
attention! Hollywood Rose Beginnings The Story of by João C P Guimarães L.A. Guns Interflow Some members of both bands joined and formed Guns n' Roses with... Axl Rose on vocals Tracii Guns on lead guitar Izzy Stradlin Ole Beich on bass Then the classic Guns N' Roses' formation was ready. The new members were: The first concert These five guys, with their respective instruments, started something wonderful. The high-pitched Axl Rose's voice made people delirious. Slash's riffs made them go crazy. The lyrics were perfect and their sound was the true Hard Rock, which people really wanted.

Their first concert happened in Hollywood in 1986. The band played for around 150 people. Career on rhythm guitar and Rob Gardner on Drums Slash Duff Mckagan Steven Adler on drums on bass on lead guitar ________________________________ but this formation finished soon. New members, the ones who would do Guns N' Roses become famous, substituted the others. The first and greatest album launched was the Appetite for Destruction in 1987. Sweet Child o' Mine and Welcome to the Jungle, songs of this album, became quickly two of the most played songs on the radio. The success didn't arrive in the beginning. It came after they started releasing tours in USA opening shows to other bands.

The band was influenced by AC/DC and The Rolling Stones

After they got success, the Appetite for Destruction became the most sold debut album in the history. Gn'R Lies Use Your Illusion I and II Use Your Illusion I was launched in 1991 with more than 500 thousand copies sold in the first day. The singles are Don't Cry and November Rain, the latter is the most viewed on Youtube, with more than 150 million views. In spite of the success, they had lots of problems.

These problems resulted in the end of the classic formation of the band

The main problem was the drugs

The first to leave the band was Steven Adler Izzy Stradlin was the next, followed by Slash and Duff Mckagan

Axl Rose and Dizzy Reed were the ones who remained in the band and they have been until nowadays. It was the second album launched by Guns N' Roses. It was indicated to Grammy with the single Patience The Use Your Illusion II was launched in the same day and received the same success. Use Your Illusion tour The Use your Illusion tour started in 1991 and had its end in the middle of 1993. They released 192 concerts in 27 countries. The tour was a debuting of the double album. Axl Rose and Slash in Brazil, in the Rock in Rio (1991) The tour had as drummer Matt Sorum and in the second half Gilby Clarke substituted Izzy Stradlin on guitar. The Breakdown The Breakdown New Guns N' Roses The future The Spaghetti Incident It was the last CD launched by the classic formation, in 1993. It did not become as famous as the others. ... The classic Guns N' Roses breakdown didn't discourage Axl Rose to continue singing in the band, after all, he was the soul of the band. The band's future is uncertain. Members say that they have songs ready to be recorded, Axl Rose doesn't affirm they will launch a new album. It's a mistery...
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