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The Corporate Service Desk

No description

Daniel Cooper

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of The Corporate Service Desk

Where are we now?
What to expect from me...
The vision in depth...
IT Service Desk
What is my ambition for you?
For you to be recognised and remembered

To leave a positive feeling with those you engage with

To be a centre of excellence in what you do

To be the most respected team in the business

To see you all feeling rewarded, excited and motivated

For you to be confident in your direction and knowledge
What is my vision for the team?
To deliver the highest quality of service to our business

To be an inspiration for professionalism and teamwork

To be ever pushing for excellence

To have the time to deliver quality over quantity

To have a clear identity and value within the business

To be skilled specialists in delivering service and support

To be the core of ITIL excellence for our business

This is a new dawn and a chance for a fresh start
Corporate IT Services
Do you feel valued by the business and peers?
Are we clear about our objectives and direction?
Can we improve our value and recognition?
Do you know our purpose and how we fit in to the business?
Do you want a bright future and are you prepared to shape it?
We will face many challenges on our journey
There will be opportunities, but you must create them
We have Investment....
and expertise.....
New ways of working....
Learning and possible confusion...
Lack of engagement or support from others...
With contribution and commitment...
by working hard....
and standing out from the rest
Are these statements meaningful to you?
Support in your goals and objectives
Commitment to your growth and development...
Expertise in the areas you need guidance
Setting you challenges and goals to deliver success
Think big....
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