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janel parrish

No description

lilybet mann

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of janel parrish

early life
Janel was born on October 30th 1988 in Oahu Hawii her mother has a chinese background and her father has a European background. in 1994 when Janel was 6 she was cast as "Young Cosette" in Les Miserables, the Broadway production. Janel also attended a lot of talent competitions and, was told that she had a great Broadway voice. And would be good for musicals.
Bratz the movie
Janel got one of her most well-known role of Jade on the 2007 movie Bratz:the movie, also then adding to her singing career getting a record contract and, introduced a song called rainy days which is one of the songs in the movie.
pretty little liars
in 2009 Janel got her most famous role of Mona Vanderwall on the hit TV show Pretty Little Liars, Janel's role is to play a villain on the show. Also showing her acting skills, by her character having very different personalities on the show.
nominations and awards
Janel has been nominated for numerous awards.
here is her nominations/ winners list.
2012: teen choice awards- choice villain winner
2013: teen choice awards- choice tv Villain winner
2013: tv guide awards- favorite villain nominated
2014:teen choice awards- choice tv villain nominated
singing carrier
Janel has had a number of songs been produced and sung by her. Janel has also done stage performances and covers. This is a list of some song janel has sung.
2007: Bratz: The Movie- Rainy days Janel wrote and produced.
2009: April Showers- i wont cry performer
2009: The Kings of Apple town- im changing performer
2010: triple dog- Rush performer
2014: Pretty Little Liars- gravity by Sara Bareilles
beginning of carrier
in 2002 Janel moved to LA from Hawii to pursue her acting carrier, and sadly while living in LA her singing teacher passed away.
Janel was finding it really hard over in LA cause there were not as many roles to be booked, because Janel at the time did not have blond hair and blue eyes so there were not a lot of roles for her to be booked.
janel parrish
in 2014 Janel was put on the hit tv show Dancing with the stars (America) and was paired with partner Valentin Chmerkoviskiy. Janel and val came in third place on the show, also receiving the highest combined number of points on that season.
Janel as "young cosette"
Janel parrish as Jade
Mona Vanderwall pretty little liars
Janel and Val dancing on Dancing With The Stars
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