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2013-2014 First Day of School

No description

Debbie Ball

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of 2013-2014 First Day of School

"Life is fair...sometimes it isn't. So..."
Quitting and whining won't help...what do we do then?
"This gold medal can make you. This gold medal can break you. You need to decide what to do with it."
How can a gold medal break you?
Which one are you?

1) Math rarely makes sense.

2) Math makes sense with enough practice.

3) Math frequently makes sense.
Warm-up at the Bell
1) Your name:
2) Names of friends in this period:
3) Names of acquaintances (people you talk to but don't know very well) in this period:
Turn the index card over.
4) What kind of music do you listen to?

5) What is your favorite YouTube video?

6) What are your interests (what do you like to do)?
Welcome, 8th Grade Mustangs!
Find your desk number from the list on the board.
Take one folder and one index card.
Sit at the correct desk number.
Answer the questions below on the front and back of the card.
Passing in papers/supplies
students focused on task then waiting when finished
no voices - we should be able to hear shuffling of materials
About me:
from Chicago
Bachelor's of Arts in Math

First name Last name
Math - Ball - Period

Use the sharpie to label your folder
Be prepared
Be productive
Be responsible
Bring Everyday:
Folder (may keep in class)
"She has an attitude of 'no excuses.'"
I want us to NOT let each other make excuses - EVEN ME!
Notebook paper in the brads
The chart
Calls home
Bring Friday:
Notebook paper
index cards

1) What two things do you need every day?

2) What two things do you need to bring by Friday?
Any Questions?
Do this
write this
write this
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