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2010-11 Objectives

priorities for 2010-11 v4

Fred Bassett

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of 2010-11 Objectives

Building a scaleable team Opportunities Threats Increasing competition (agencies, consultancies and clients)
Weaknesses Gaps in our capability
Lack of published IP
Sector dependency (still!)
International offices
Not using digital tools effectively Agenda

Recap on 2009-10
Current business environment
Priorities for 2010-11
Strategic and tactics
Organisation to deliver
Questions 2009-10 recap We have developed opportunities and new clients/sectors
Eli Lilly continues to grow
HCP Portal - Rollout
Cialis and Diabetes
US Medical

Interim Management
RA, Dalcetrapib, Taspo
We have also continued to grow existing clients We have moved into new offices and opened up a satelite 2-6 Northburgh Street (East)

Westbourne House (West)
"EU" office (well it is 15 minutes from Heathrow!) We have built a significant team of experts with new hires and promotions We have improved our capability March 2010 - 29 people (+12)
Dir/SC - 8 (+3)
CO - 9 (+2)
AC - 8 (+5)
ADM/Marketing - 5 (+2) Financial Results Strategic priorities for 2010-11 Open up 2 new market sectors
(traditional approach) Develop marketing through thought leadership Serve clients better International Recruitment Skills BL Tools Organisation for continued growth Strategy
Env Mapping & eSituation service stress-tested and refined
Org Design project experience
Development of Performance Acceleration
Beacon and Scope branded and launched
Evaluation team expanded

We have raised our profile New Positioning
Updated creds
20 + proposals (prospects)
Participtaed in 10+ events/conferences
Updated templates
Updated website structure and content
Article in pharma marketing (Duncan)
Swine flu PR piece We have refocussed our service model Strategy

Delivery mechanisms
Discrete projects
Interim Management Last year we set expectations high De-risk from Lilly
Open up new market sectors to de-risk from Pharma
Grow existing clients

Improve our capability
Open up new offices (Geography)
Build our team

Sales/profit targets increased >40%

Organise to scale
Review processes for efficiency ~35 client projects Whilst maintaining our quality values SC / Quarter
CO / 2 months
AC / month
Information Manager
Admin/Marketing support Tailored approach
Skills matrix
Project management
Negotiation Launch and continue to develop Beacon
Take Scope to the next level
Launch knowledge sharing mechanism
Assign a team to a market sector
Financial services
Media & Entertainment
Public Sector
Automotive Invest in Venture business (new sector) Strategic investment
BL supplier of services / resourced as a client (priority)
Recruit specialist Senior Capability heads & teams Head of Insight
Head of Strategy
Head of Evaluation
Head of User Experience (Pete Gale)
Data visualisation Opening offices abroad is complicated and expensive, and so far has eluded us.
Considered on opportunity basis
Open to flexible working
Better use of technology
'Pop-up' offices Case studies to promote and educate
Speaking opportunities to raise our profile
White papers to publish our IP
Publish a book to increase authority
Strategy and Tactics BBC (Ad Serving + CRM projects)

Cancer Research UK
College Hill

We have improved internal processes Recruitment
Project management
Sales Current business environment Macro trends
Very dynamic environment (again)
Mobility (Smartphones, location based services..)
Social Media (Twitter!, Social applications..)
Gaming (Farmville, ..)
Social healthcare developing (patientslikeme.com)
iPhone and apps market takes off
Web not just marketing Continue to build 'World Class' capability

Open new sectors

Be seen as leaders in digital strategy and evaluation

Serve clients better We won new pharma clients / Questions? OTSW Increase US and EU client base
Consolidate Pharma clients - existing & new
New clients in new sectors
New Services (specifically Performance Accelleration) Smarten up our act New office furniture
A/V technology
Technology review
More meeting space Client trends
BL clients prioritising digital conversation
Organisational design is still and issue (BBC, Roche!, Lilly)
Pharma is catching up! ...and still has limited resources

Interests (Digital Classroom) 2010-11 Targets Strengths Focus on pharma (still growing!)
Capabilities - Improving quality
Growing and improving team
Increased brand awareness (at least in pharma)
Less dependent on single client
Good processes (vs competitors) Building World Class Capability Organising World Class Capability
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