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Games in the Workplace

No description

Naveen Ninan

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Games in the Workplace

Games in the Workplace
Games are changing the world
Cliff Bleszinski
Design Director for Epic Games
Video Game Designer
Experience and Insight
Anti Games Hemisphere
Alternate Reality Gaming
Sustainable Engagement Economy
Games are a Distraction
Games can Cause Depression
Tired and anxious at work?
Let's play games
Did you finish your work?
Boss is going to be mad!
You, after all, have to finish your work on time...
Play after you finish your work,You will feel...
Pro Games
Anti Games
Pro Games
Pro Games
Pro Games
Anti Games
Anti Games
Anti Games

Waste of time and resources
Companies have budget for the network utility.
Waste of Job opportunity.
Frustrated or bored
Not common in education
Disturbing scenarios
Businesses are taking action
Misuse of resources
Increase productivity
Dawn of the Shadow Specter

Positive emotions are rewards
Enhances morale
Employees look forward to work
Economy boost
Mass collaboration
Narrative ARGs
Effective, eager task force
Boost in training success
Connects employers and employees
My Marriott Hotel
In game the approach to success are easier than reality.
In reality, you have to gain success by hard work.
once if we are used to the easy world in games, we will feel destructive in reality.

What is Dopmine?
Our brain will produce dopamine when we gain success and in love.
It plays a key role in reward behavior.
How it is related to games?
“Dopamine is released in the human striatum during a goal-directed motor task, namely a video game.”

Games make us easy to get Dopamine but real life does not.

That is the reason why people tend to play games when work is boring and tiring. They try to gain the Dopamine by easy work in games and avoid difficulties in real life.
Playing games are just like taking drugs!
Games are addictive because the produce Dopamine easily!
Games meant to instruct
Games parallel work
Games as a supplement, not as a primary.
Do you know...
The unemployment in U.S. in 2013 is
which means...
The unemployment in U.S. in 2013 is
which means...
Things are not that simple...
twice as much that in 2007

20,000,000 people are out there seeking for a job

645 University of Iowa
Cherish your work opportunity and pay back society by your hard work. Or you are morally guilty for wasting the resource the position gives you.

Improving Employees performance
than 100 percent effort at work !
bad sleeping patterns
Some HR recruiters:
WoW players
Tanks - Healers - DPS - ... ...
A Leader
Seeking New Business Opportunities
Pro Games Hemisphere
Failure goes on your permanent record !
New at a company?
Trying to make more connections with coworkers?
Why not utilize games to learn and make lasting connections?
Games are the way of the future...
...the tools of the next generation.
Games are a waste of time
We spend 3 million hours
a week playing video games

What happens if clues are too difficult to decipher or too easy to understand?

Children, teens, and adults spend around 7.5 hours on the internet already (hechingered.org)

As an example of an organizational ARG,
it uses game design as a guiding philosophy
for creating new institutions.
Mass Participation
More Enthusiasm

In an unsustainable world, the gratifications people get from playing games are an infinitely renewable resource... ...

Andrew House

President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment
12.5 million people have bought the game
a game about
breaking and placing
blocks to create
a world
Harvey Jones
US Senator
Pro Games
Economy and Well Being
There are 4 Topics for today's debate:
1. Alternate Reality Gaming
2. Games can Cause Depression
3. Sustainable Engagement Economy
4. Games are Distracting
Let's Begin!
Games are a waste of time
We spend 3 billion hours a week playing video games
The introduction of games will lead to more demand for games; more demand, more jobs available.
Harvey Jones
US Senator
Pro Game
Economy & Happiness
Vote - Should Video Games be available in the workplace?
Citizens - Feel Free to Ask Questions and Make Comments!
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