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Somewhere in the Darkness

No description

Trevor B

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Somewhere in the Darkness

MAIN CONFLICT Jimmy's dad Crab, escapes from jail and finds Jimmy to help Crab prove that he's innocent. Crab escaped from jail because he wanted to find the truth about why he was sent to jail. In court the judge convicted him of murder, but Crab said he didn't do it. Crab told his story to Jimmy and asked Jimmy if he believed him. Jimmy said he believed him, and that is where they started their journey. Crab says that to find the truth Jimmy and him have to go to Arkansas, but on the way they are being looked for because Crab escaped from jail. Once in Arkansas Crab finds out about his truth, but pays a price for it. THE SETTING The setting takes starts out in inner city New York. Then starts to shift from place to place. They start from going from New York to Chicago, then Memphis, and onto their final destination, Arkansas. They travel through busy areas and open countries sides along the way, and you learn more about the bond between the main characters along their journey. QUOTATION "So one day I went up to the infirmary and told them I had pains in my back. They didn't say nothing about it, just give me some asprin. But the pains stayed. Turned out it wasn't nothing wrong with my back, but I was having kidney problems," Crab (Pg 42) SIGNIFICANCE Crab's kidney problems didn't help him at all during the story, most of the time his pains stalled the characters' journey. His kidney pains made him unable to walk normally and he couldn't sit still for a long period of time, so every time he woke up from sleeping he would have pains. Also, he constantly asked for asprin and couldn't run very far without the pain. He didn't know how severe his pain was so he never went to a real doctor, he just went to one that was a friend of his in Arkansas. MAIN CHARACTERS PROTAGONIST(S) ANTAGONIST(S) JIMMY cRAB POLICE RYDELL MAMA JEAN MAVIS MISS MACKENZIE Mama Jean has grey hair and a large frame. She loved Jimmy and didn't want him to leave with Crab. She loved flowers and was a baby sitter for a family who lived by her. Jimmy always tries to find a way to talk to Mama Jean throughout the story. Mavis was one of Crab's old friends from when he was a child. She was young and like to wear baseball caps. Also, she was the person who told Crab where to get a car so he and Jimmy would be able to go down to Arkansas. Miss Mackenzie was an old woman who lived in Arkansas, even when Crab was a kid. She wore a wig and had a low voice. She was the person who let Crab and Jimmy stay in her house. He He Jimmy was 15 and didn't do well in school
because he never went to school. He was
smart but since he didn't go to school he
had bad grades. In the begining of the story
he lived with Mama Jean. Crab is Jimmy's father and he escaped from jail. He is tall and skinny with a flat, low voice. His brother died in the Vietnam War and Crab didn't like the police. Also, he had kidney problems so he walked in an unusual way. Rydell had long, thick hair that slicked down
against his head and ended in tight curls on
the back of his neck. His goatee was just as thick but looked a little grey. He had broad shoulders and lacquered nails. Rydell was one of Crab's old friends and since he got out of jail they didn't seem like friends anymore. The police followed Jimmy and Crab all the way from New York to Arkansas. Crab always got nervous when he saw a police car or police officer. In Arkansas the police followed them untill they got to Miss Mackenzie's house. RELATIONSHIP TO ROMEO AND JULIET In both stories the character(s) would do anything to find what they were looking for. They would try hiding what they were doing from others in both stories. From Romeo and Juliet, the characters were hiding their love for one another, and in this book Crab was hiding what he called the "truth" of his trial.
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