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Final Idea

Detailed description on my final idea

rebecca hearsey

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of Final Idea

Final Decision
Love The Way You Lie (Part Two) Music Video Showing A Relationship with Domestic Violence
Since the last meeting I have been gathering further research about Domestic Violence and how I would go about producing a music video at a high standard about this unspoken subject. I have also been researching how I would be able to take and edit a professional standard album cover. In the next couple of minutes I will be showing you my findings and presenting my thoughts on how i will progress throughout my project. I will also cover some topics such as:
Marketing and Broadcasting
People on and off the Camera
Legal and Ethical Issues
Health and Safety Notes
Possible Shots and Costumes
Music Video
To ensure I produce a high quality music video I have researched several different shots I could incoperate into my music video that would successfully show my skill while making a video.
VWS (Very Wide Shot) The subject is visible (barely), but the emphasis is still on placing him in his environment.
WS( Wide Shot) The subject takes up the full frame, or at least as much as comfortably possible.
MS (Mid Shot) Shows some part of the subject in more detail while still giving an impression of the whole subject.
MCU (Medium Close Up) Half way between a MS and a CU.
CU ( Close Up) A certain feature or part of the subject takes up the whole frame.
ECU (Extremely Close Up) The ECU gets right in and shows extreme detail.
Cut-in Shows some (other) part of the subject in detail.
CA ( Cut Away) A shot of something other than the subject.
Two- Shot A shot of two people, framed similarly to a mid shot
OSS (Over Shoulder Shot) Looking from behind a person at the subject.
People On and Off the Camera
There will be a lot of people helping me throughout my product, such as actors, editors and runners. The three main types of people helping throughout will be actors, runners and a director (myself) . All three have important jobs but they are all completely different below i will describe each one in detail.
Actor- An actor communicates a character and/or situations to an audience through speech, body language and movement. This usually involves interpreting the work of a writer under the instruction and support of a director, although some work may require the actor to devise a character or improvise the reaction of a character to a situation.
Runner - A runner is the most junior role in the production department of a broadcasting, film or video company. Runners act as general assistants and undertake whatever basic tasks are required to ensure the smooth running of the production process. Runners responsibilities include transporting scripts, getting everything in place fore shoots and hiring equipment.
Director - Different film companies and directors have different ideas about exactly what the job entails. However the following duties are fairly standard.
Interpreting the script and making it a film. This can involve planning locations, shots, pacing, acting styles and anything else which affects the feels of the movie.
Overseeing the cinematography and technical aspects.
Coaching actors and directing them towards the required performances
Coordinating staff on, directing the shooting timetable and ensuring that deadlines are met.
Health and Safety
To ensure the safety of my employee's I will write up a risk assessment and hang it around the set so everyone will see it. Some of the points I will include in my risk assessment will be below:
Falling over while filming a shot - I could fall over while filming a shot that consists me walking backwards as I can’t see where I’m going. - I can make sure I have someone helping me when walking backwards, somebody to tell me where to step.
Weather - If filming outside. People will get cold very quickly even in what seems quite mild weather. - Make sure actresses and actors are wearing warm costumes or there are blankets and jackets on hand nearby.
Battery Problems - If Battery runs out I will need to reschedule and this will lead to another risk. - Make sure I always charge the battery when I’m not using it. It always needs to be fully charged.
Headaches - Once editing, the computer may irritate eyes and the editor may start getting frequent headaches. - Make sure editor take regular breaks to reduce headaches
Album Cover
The album cover will be a very important factor to make sure that my product will get used. My album will have to attract my target audience to get their smart phone out and view the main part of my project (the music video). As I want to get the attention of my target audience I want my album cover to tell a story straight away and then the story to be explained in the music video. Looking on the internet I can see some examples of a high standard that makes me question the story behind it, I'd like to achieve something like these. I can see all the one's I like are all CU (Close Up) shots and in some cases ECU (Extremely Close Up) shots
Different Examples of Possible Album Covers
Broadcasting and Marketing
I will be broadcasting my music video on YouTube as it will be linked in onto the popular website with Aurasma. I believe this is a viable way for my product to be seen as people can still view the music video even if they haven't seen the album cover or got a smart phone.
I have been thinking which charity I would like to incorporate into my video and arranging a meeting with Walsall Domestic Violence Forum so I could reference them at the end of my project so people would know who to call for help and know who to call if they want to donate.

Legal and Ethical Issues
In the TV and Film Industry there are many different laws that have been made up of contracts, ethics and legal rights.When talking about the legal and ethical side of the TV and film industry you will need to consider the following things:

· Employment legislation

· Health and safety

· Equal opportunities

· Employer’s liabilities

· Employee rights

· Belonging to a trade union

· Intellectual property

· Copyright

· Trademarks

· Confidentiality

· Exclusivity

· Laws and legislation

Copyright-Copyright is a legal concept, enacted by most governments, giving the creator of an original work exclusive rights to it, usually for a limited time. Generally, it is "the right to copy", but also gives the copyright holder the right to be credited for the work, to determine who may adapt the work to other forms.

Confidentiality-Confidentiality is a set of rules or a promise that limits access or places restrictions on certain types of information. Confidentiality is very important aspect for me to consider as i will be talking to women who have / still experienced domestic violence, i would have to ensure all the women i interview that no one will discover their identify.

Employer's Rights- Employment Rights Act 1996, is to ensure that every working person has a minimum charter of rights in their workplace.UK courts and statutes, however, use a number of different terms for different rights, including "worker", "employee", "jobholder", "apprentice" or someone with an "employment relation". A "worker", for example, is entitled to a minimum wage of £6.19 per hour.
Aurasma and Liner Notes
Using Aurasma for my product will show my
audience that I can use different software's . I can also co-operate the album cover well with Aurasma and it shows my skills. Looking at Aurasma I can see that it is a new piece of technology that no a lot of people know of. I certainly knew nothing about it before my media course. This gives me an idea of doing instructions on the inside of the album. Like the professional albums that contains liner notes explaining how the album was produced.

The examples above show something I would like to achieve, nevertheless I would like to co-operate some more pictures in my liner notes and make it less wordy as all the words on the examples would bore my target audience. Looking at Aurasma now I would have to have a page in my liner notes explaining how to use it within my product. I think Aurasma will look good within my product as it can be used to do many things for example the picture below shows how somebody has designed a dinosaur outside Buckingham Palace. I wish to show example like these within my liner notes.
I am very excited to begin the process of making this product for raising awareness of domestic violence. Firstly I will be researching in more detail different factors of domestic violence and how i could cooperate these factors into the music video. I will make regular meetings with Lisa Smith the NHS Coordinator, to discuss how the making process is going and possible changes to make during the editing process.
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