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50th Anniversary

No description

Jennifer Means

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of 50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary
Glendale Community College

It started with some palm trees..
Dr. Robert Easley
Governing Board Member
1962- 1971
Dr. John Prince
Executive Dean

Dr. J. Lee Thompson, Executive Dean
Dr. Robert J. Hannelly
District President 1963-1967 and Dean of Phoenix College 1947-1965
What we could have been...
Palmdale College
Tonto College
Aztec College
Roosevelt College
Camelback Campus
Maryland Campus
Dr. John Waltrip
Instead, we became
Glendale Community College on April 12, 1965
Legacies begin...
Dr. Matt O. Hanhila
Executive Dean
1967 - 1975
Glendale is finding its place...
Dr. Tessa Martinez-Pollack
1996 - 2002
Dr. Phil Randolph
2002 - 2005
Dr. Velvie Green
2006 - 2011
GCC North
Student Union Remodel
50 years later...
Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), then and now
Back then it was a student bulletin...
Now we post and tweet !
Highlighted Events:
November 1 - Golden Gala

February 28 - Car Show
April - Cactus Flower Peformance

May 15 - Commencement
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