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Evangelism Cycle Report 2/2015

No description

Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Evangelism Cycle Report 2/2015




Evangelism Cycle Report - May 2015
Come forth oh wizards and tell the people what you did.
Arvai @ Collision
Lili worked extremely hard to put together this awesome Prezi for our beloved leader. We hope to have a recording to show you soon.
Lili loves Training
Completed Training sessions for Jose Roca, Spencer, Craft, and a Finnish expedition!
More beautifully designed Prezis
Coming up this cycle?
Solar Sister - The Next Prezi Cause
A wonderful NGO that empowers female entrepreneurs to sell low-cost solar-powered lighting to remote villages in Africa. Their prezi will take people through the great work they do.
Important Work for
our HR segment
Lili will be building a prezi for the SHRM (biggest association of HR professionals in the US) on the future of HR. Stay tuned for more.
Training and Travel
After a long period of having the Prezi content we built for TED living a wonderful life on stage and then kind of dying afterwards, we've agreed to share two high-quality videos of TED talks intercut with screencasts of prezis to show just how great a tool Prezi is for visualization. Distribution will happen via Prezi emails and both TED and Prezi social channels.

The hope is to get a lot of eyes on Prezi and showcase us _the_ tool for top presenters. Expect more details with goals in a Hooker-penned Honey post.
Prezis created...
Staples and UPS (Sales Team are so priviliged to work with an award-winning sales enabler).
Speaking of which, Meaghan did even more stuff for Verifone this cycle.
Meaghan kicked off our cooperation with SMW by converting a PPT belonging to the SMW Miami team into a beautiful Prezi. And if that wasn't enough, she trained all their staff too!
What's coming up?
Well, more work for the Sales Team (when you're hot, you're hot), working on cold call pitch decks and such.
IABC Conference
Thanks to the Sales Team (they owed us), we will have a strong presence at the IABC conference in SF this year. We'll be desigining prezis for the speakers and then emailing the attendess to try and generate some leads. Meaghan will not only be designing the prezis but providing on the ground support too.
(2nd largest HR conference in the US)
And more exciting TED content....
Davide doesn't just make sumptuous prezis, he makes ones that get published by leading UK newspapers. Behold, the UK Election Black Jack prezi. See it in video form on the Indy's website, or see the actual prezi.
What, him too?

Well, Davide isn't working on the TED project, but he did make a Prezi for TED Head of Distribution, Deron Triff, and if it weren't for his speedy work and beautiful design, we never would have secured the other project.
HR templates
This has been Davide's favorite project this cycle.

But it's thanks to his beautiful work that we now have some wonderful designs including the concept of tutorials with instant prezis for our beloved HR segment to work with.
Priscila also helped out tremendously - more on that later.
What's coming up?
Davide loved working with HR so much, that's he's working on converting a nasty PPT into a delightful Prezi for TriNet one of the biggest HR providers in the United States. This is a great project as not only will TriNet be using it, they'll be using it to pitch their offerings to SMBs.
We're really excited about this as we think we've got a really nice way to tell their story. Check back later for more.

More HR
More PPT conversion
Wow, Davide really loves HR, huh?
Yep. So much so he's building two more PPT conversions for Rally Health (big HR influencers)
Nev Video
As a complete change of pace, Davide is editing together segments of a talk we filmed earlier in the year of MTV Catfish Star Nev Schulman speaking in front of a prezi that Meaghan made for him.
Priscila - all killer, no filler!
Priscila has really grown this cycle, first, she really contributed a huge amount to the HR templates project. Without her, Davide may well have put a horse's head in someone's bed.
She's also helped the CTO make 2 emergency prezis for Show and Tell.
Coming up?
If you went to Craft, you will have seen Priscila's work on the schedule Prezi.
What happened with you guys in Texas?
Oh, that. Prepare for learning...
Webinars / 1-on-1 Consultations
companies took part in 3 competitions
got help from a prezi designer
were pre-identified as having "good" prezis
we used these to make GIFs for social
9 of the eventual 12 winners were in this group of predentified "good" prezis.
7/12 winners
got help from a desinger.
of all entrants won a prize
of all those assisted by a designer won a prize
of those who got training before the event won a prize
Average active time spent in the editor by participants in the first 30 days after the event
SXSW 2014
LeWeb 2014
SXSW 2015
Thank you for watching
She's also going to help us out with a few more talks (like this one for Stef, which she's presenting at a huge conference on branding).
AND, huge whoops and much clapping of hands please as Priscila has agreed to stay with us until the end of June!!!
Wow, that sounds cool.
We know.
Explain more!
Meaghan's main focus for the second half of this cycle has been on producing two wonderful prezis for our exciting TED content sharing project.
check the video here
The UK may have messed up its own election, but it's not Priscila's fault! She made this awesome prezi on why those British idiots should have kicked Cameron out. Unfortunately, despite it being a top performer for the Independent, people clearly didn't read the journalist's text properly.
Thanks Lili for the last minute help!
CONF: http://brandstrategyconference.com/
Prezi for best-selling author David Nihill
Prezi for human rights activist Clemantine Wamariya
Lili will be providing onsite training for Groupon, Propel (Northern Irish Accelerator) and providing onsite support for the Virgin Business "Pitch to Rich" (ard Branson) competition in London, where she'll also be helping Ashley out with EdTech Europe.
Holy F*ck! The Richard Branson?

Yes, more on that later (on Honey).
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