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Security That Might Fly Under Your Radar

Some contributing factors to sustainable security

chee seng Tan

on 2 April 2011

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Transcript of Security That Might Fly Under Your Radar

Security That Might Fly Under Your Radar BE AWARE!! A mobile device is a pocket-sized computing device, typically having a display screen with touch screen input or a miniature keyboard Theft of mobile Illegal taking of another mobile phone. The value of information suffers when it is taken away. Possible consequences

loss of sensitive data
information extortion
loss of privacy Threat Social engineering Example
Computer-based. Possible consequences
information extortion
loss of sensitive data Malware Malicious code usually embedded in genuine applications with the aim of compromising your device. Downloading applications for your devices!! Possible consequences
deviations in the way your device function.
Your mobile device may turn into a platform for launching attacks. Information theft on an open network Example Possible Consequences

Loss of control over your device (stub-net)
Loss of sensitive information.
Eavesdropping (Bluebugging)
Loss of privacy Best Practice i. Be alert and keep your mobile devices close to you.

ii. Be aware of what is happening in the surrounding.

iii. Install anti-virus on mobile device. iv. Do not connect your mobile device to unsafe devices (laptop/ workstation).

v. Transmit sensitive information over encryted network channel. vi. Backup your important information.
vii. Do not download applications from unknown/untrusted sources. Future of Mobile Devices
Security Concern Near Field Technology New technology that is based on short-range wireless connectivity technology.
Turn your mobile device into a mobile wallet or more. Conclusion Question and Feedback By
Emma Johns, Chee Seng, Vo Nhu Tuan
Teo Swee Kiat, Rayden Goh Kah Yong the act of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. Zeus Malware Targets Mobile Phone Users http://www.facebook.com/pages/Smartphone-Security/126687924069372 Join Summary A banking Trojan, mainly targets Windows machines and users.

Spreading towards mobile users under the name SymbOS/Zitmo.

Zeus can stop and redirect confirmation SMS of online banking -> hackers can approve transactions by themselves! Scenario You click an unknown/malicious link or get a spam email, redirected to websites having the malware.

Zeus asks for your mobile phone number.

It uses your credential to send a SMS having some rouge.

It keeps track of your incoming SMS and opens backdoor to snatch your credential Example

Loss of Mobile Device Intruders can use software tools to view, modify and disrupt network communication on open network. Mobile threats are real and getting increasingly serious.
Be careful, protect yourselves by following best practices
Facebook fan page : news on mobile security and tips. Bluetooth Threat: All information gather in one place, risk of loss everything if mobile device get compromised. We aim to increase YOUR awareness towards security issues concerning mobile devices! Tutorial group 2 Team 4
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