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민 김

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of plasma

다양한 형태로 제작한 Atmospheric Plasma Jet의 특성 및 생의학적 응용 연구
Team Member
10101 Kim Min
10608 Kim Min Gyu
10609 Kim Seong Rae
10619 Jung Ha Yune
Teached by Professor Chung Tae Hun
Assisted by Joh Hea Min, Kang Hae Ra

What Is Plasma?
기체 상태의 물질에 계속 열을 가하여 온도를 올려주면, 이온핵과 자유전자로 이루어진 입자들의 집합체가 만들어진다. 물질의 세 가지 형태인 고체, 액체, 기체와 더불어 '제 4의 물질상태'로 불리며, 이러한 상태의 물질을 플라즈마라고 한다.
Advantages, Applications of
Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma
Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma
진공 플라즈마 :
높은 열 (1,300k ~ 20,000k) -> 원자핵과 전자의 분리 -> 플라즈마 발생

대기압 플라즈마 :
전압 (0.5kV ~ 1.5kV) -> 원자핵과 전자의 분리 -> 플라즈마 발생
Before Experiment
X-Y Moving Stage
(Using Cell)
Power Supply
(Taken apart)
Optical Emission Spectroscopy
(Using Monochromator)
Self - made
Plasma Jet
Types of Plasma Jet
Cylinder vs Pencil
Plasma Jet
Injector Type
Round-Shape Type
(유리 피펫 사용)
좁고 긴 입구
강한 출력의 플라즈마
For Bio Plasma
둥근 머리
좁아지는 입구
기체의 맴돌이로 인한 고출력의 플라즈마
많은 입구
넓은 면적 처리
How to Experiment
전류, 전압 측정
I-V Curve
OES 측정
OES Graph
I-V Curve
OES Graph
Plasma Plume
Result of Experiments
Efficient Plasma Jet
I-V Curve
2. Round-Shape Type
I-V Curve
Plasma Plume
OES Graph (With Pencil & Round Type)
Bio Plasma
(Round Shape & Injector Type)
ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species)
- Radical : Chemical species that have unpaired electrions
- Representative ROS that is formed in our body
peroxide(H O )
Overoxidation Ion(O )
Hydration Radical( OH)
Oxidizes nearby DNA and protein
Subject : pathogen +


Muscle Cell
Plasma and ROS
= High Reactivity
낮은 온도와 전압에서 고효율의 플라즈마를 만들어 낼 수 있는 Plasma Jet을 디자인한다.
세포 및 병원균을 플라즈마 처리를 통해 자연사하게 만들 수 있는 방법을 찾아낸다.
3x10 V/m (10cm)
-> High Voltage, Difficult Application
Wire & Spike (ex. Copper Wire)
-> Low Voltage
=> Plasma Jet
Coagulation of Blood
Dental Breaching
Portable Plasma Device
ROS Effect of Cell
Medical & Industrial Application
Cell Death : Necrosis & Apoptosis
Results of ROS
Plasma Treatment
1cm from mouth
Tip of wire
Plasma Treatment Process
Germiculture (Lung Cancer Cell) -> Plasma Treatment -> Dyeing & Checking
10 seconds at 9 Sections
GAPI (Cell Nucleus) DCFDA (ROS)
24 Hours
Plasma Plume (With Pencil Type)
During Experiment
(Treat with Round Type)
(Treat with Injector Type)
After Treatment
ROS Effect
Increasing ROS Effect
with Plasma Treatment
1. Efficient Plasma Jet
Pencil, Cylinder, Injector Type : Similar I-V Curve
Round Type : High Current with Same Voltage
More Gas Flow, Longer Plasma Plume
High Length Increaing Rate from 4lpm
Very short Plume with Low Voltage at 4lpm
I need long plasma plume!
Low Voltage -> Less Gas Flow
High Voltage -> More Gas Flow
Many Species of Gas in Atmosphere
I need plasma with pure gas!
: Near Plasma Jet Mouth
I want many species of ionized gas!
: Far from Plasma Jet Mouth
2. Bio Plasma
I will use round-shape plasma jet!
Can be Dangerous to Human
High Electric Cost
Lung cancer cells got stresses by ROS
Plasma has possibility of curing cancer
Thank You for Listening
compulsory molecule
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