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Millennial Sales Employee Resource Group

Proposal for a Millennial Generation Employee Resource Group

Sulyn Kulick

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Millennial Sales Employee Resource Group

By 2025... 75% of the global workforce will be millennials Jen Rice | Nicole Sindoni | Lauren Rossi | Sulyn Kulick FOUNDERS Jen Rice | ACDM,
CVS Nicole Sindoni | ACDM,
Walmart Sulyn Kulick | SSA, Nutritionals Lauren Rossi | ASSM,
CHC Educate J&J about the generational differences in order to create a successful and collaborative work environment and establish J&J as a preferred employer among young professionals VISION MISSION Recruit Develop work with recruitment team to enhance current university strategies
communicate current J&J programs that appeal to millennial generation consult in training/developing programs targeted for millennial generation
educate all generations to better leverage diversity act as a sounding board for decisions impacting millennial generation
gather feedback and identify opportunities within millennial generation Retain WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT? Stay in Tune gather insights and feedback on the largest generation group of the future Stay Competitive recruiting and retaining younger generations is both challenging and constantly evolving Stay Relevant Millennials have more information than ever on what companies have to offer PLAN OF ACTION Phase 1 | Understand Form Core Team
Seek SLT Sponsor
Recruit Steering Committee
Identify Opportunities Phase 2 | Educate Launch to Sales Org - GenNEXT Roadshow
2013 NSM
2013 Director's Meeting Phase 3 | Strategic Initiatives THANK YOU! EXECUTIVE
SPONSORS: Steve Valentino | VP Drug Dan Figus | VP Nutritionals IBM
Sara Lee
Vistakon Ahead of the curve... 6 in 10 employed Millenials changed their careers once or more "This is the most high-maintenance workforce in the history of the world. The good news is they're also going to be the highest performing workforce in the history of the world." -Bruce Tulgan, Author of Managing Generation Y

25% Millennials
50% Gen X
25% Boomers Be our "eyes and ears"-bring to our attention any relevant information we should activate against

When it makes sense - engage us in any work you are doing (Associate Summit). We will do the same!

Create Excitement on your teams

Support your Site Leads during launch events What we need from you: Jen Rice | ACDM, CVS
Nicole Sindoni | ACDM, WM
Sulyn Kulick | SSA, NUTR
Lauren Rossi | ASSM, CHC FOUNDERS SPONSORS Dan Figus | SLT Sponsor
Steve Valentino | D&I Sponsor STEERING COMMITTEE Debra Johnson | Sr Director, Talent
Janice Cooney | Sr Director, CVS
Nimi Meschke | Manager, HR NOMINATIONS SITE LEADERS NOMINATIONS MEMBERS OPEN Growing Up * Told they were valued from day 1
* Have laws that protect them
* Raised to express feelings
* Told to experience new things
* "Don't make the same mistakes we did"
* Raised to embrace team work
* Grew up on AOL instant messanger
* 911, Enron, Save the Planet Positive Traits * Multi-taskers
* Team players
* Confident & Optimistic
* Open to Diversity & Change
* Entrepreneurial Challenging Traits * Get bored fast
* Don't understand the "Old Way"
* Impatient with advancement Manager v. Millennial Become a thought Leader with our Customers
*How to sell to a Millennial
*Digital Excellence Focus on Recruitment and Talent Retention of Millennials
*Connect the Dots Series
*Millennial Feedback / ideation sessions
*Track & monitor Millennial specific J&J data Build an engaged culture amongst ALL generations
*How to build relationships with Millennials
*Millennial Coaching/Peer mentorship 2013 Customer Development Priorities 2013 GenNEXT Priorities STEERING COMMITTEE: Debra Johnson
Senior Dir Business
&Talent Development Janice Cooney
Senior Director CVS Nimi Meschke
Manager HR Cristin Groce
CVS Beth Pischer
Target Courtney Meis
Walmart Katie Benintende
Walgreens Chris Holahan
Shopper Aliya Sayani
SS-Skin Gabby Paladino
SS-COE Chelsea Sudol
CVC John Quinn
SS-CHC OPEN MEMBERSHIP SITE LEADS: Org Structure US Population by Generation Agenda: Who are the Millennials
Why should we care?
Org Structure
Mission & Vision
Plan of Action
2013 Strategic Initiatives
What we need from you 71% of millennials reported that meaningful work was amongst the most important factors defining career success.... 11% of managers agreed 69% of managers over the age of 50 ranked "starting salary" as a top priority of Millennials... 45% less than half of millennials ranked
starting salary as one of their top 3 priorities Dino Mele
Nutritionals Sales Strategy Ryan Wilson
National Sales Director
CHC Sales Strategy Danielle Jenkins
FSO Category Management Meghan Kelly
Rite Aid Laura Quinn
FSO Diane McDonnell
Specialty Erik Aldrich
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