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Mitch Lucker

No description

Alexis Killian

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Mitch Lucker

Mitchell Adam Lucker
- Mitch was born on October, 20th, 1984 in Riverside, California.
Suicide Silence
-In 2002 he joined a band called "Suicide Silence'"
- Mitch had a wife name Jolie Lucker. They were married for 4 years before his passing.
His very last tweet
His passing
- Mitch died at UCI Medical Center in Orange County, Calif. He was pronounced dead at 6:17 A.M.
-No one knew much about his childhood
- His parents names are unknown
- They came out with 3 studio length albums, one EP, and seven music videos.
- Their most "known/famous" song is You Only Live Once
- They had a daughter and her name is Kenadee Lucker. She was born on June 30th, 2007. She will be turning 6 years old this year.
- ..."she'd tell me, "Daddy died in a motorcycle accident. Are you going to keep crying?" ... She thinks the stars are him. She thinks the brightest star is him. We'll go outside and say goodnight. ... She'll do the hand sign for " I love you" and sometimes she'll say " I love you daddy. When is daddy coming home from heaven?" She gets really angry about it. Its heartbreaking."
Jolie says that Kenadee has the same sneaky face as Mitch.
16:09 - 16:17
- He died from a motorcycle accident. He hit a pole and was thrown off of his motorcycle. This devastated everyone.
- Mitch suffered severe social anxiety and O.C.D
Famous Quotes
"You Only Live Once, Life is really short. Don't let anything minuscule like that let you down. Keep your head up."
You only live one, for a very short time. so make every second divine.
- Mitch was known for his tattoos. He never got any on his back because he though having a back tattoo is just like having a famous painting but keeping it hidden in the attic.
- They won Revolver Gold
Gods Awards for Most Innovative
Band and Best New Band.
Forever in our hearts
- Mitch was 11th grade in this picture
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