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Danielle Ballard

Family and Friends

Danielle Ballard

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Danielle Ballard

Danielle Ballard
I'm from Memphis,TN. I'm a sophomore in college. My major is Social Work.
Family & Friends
Basketball and Basketball
My Beautiful Mother
The coolest person in the world. She is the definition of a survivor through the train wreck,heart attack, and putting up with four kids.
1st Cousin Kalin. He is like my little brother I never had. He always says that I'm his favorite basketball player. He is a hard worker and cares a lot about basketball.
My older brothers Danny,Darian,and Daniel are so protective of me.They push me to be successful in life.
Here is my best friend Cameron. He think he so cool... just playing he too shy lol! But one thing I know is that he got my back 100%.
These two wonderful people taught me everything. My father Danny and mother Yvette. All they want from their only girl is to to be successful and graduate from college.
Other then playing basketball. I go hang out with some of my friends and just play my PS3
My future plans is to get drafted in the WNBA or go over seas far away. If that does not work out I would be working as a Social Worker helping kids or adults.
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