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Psychology AS Stress lesson 1

Characteristics of stress

Amanda Lane

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Psychology AS Stress lesson 1

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr
Can you identify this famous city?
Lesson Objective:
To identify characteristics of stress and identify the parts of the body that react to stress
What really grinds your gears....
what stresses you out?
How do you respond to stress?
How would you define it?
What is stress?
As we can see, people react and cope with stress in different ways.
However the way in which the body reacts to psychological and physical stress follows the same physiological pattern.
Physiological = Normal functioning of the body and its internal organs.
Stress = A person's interpretation of life situations that exceeds their ability to cope with them.
So how does our body respond to stress?
But where are they located in the body?
There are 2 ways in which the body responds to stress and both responses relate to the adrenal glands.....
The kidneys!
The adrenal cortex is controlled by the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland which are located in the brain.
The adrenal medulla is controlled by the autonomic nervous system (ANS) which is a nerve highway that runs from the brainstem to all organs of the body.
There are many factors that trigger stress in people.
Externally people cope with stress in different ways.
Internally (physiologically) the body follows 2 patterns to deal with stress.
The adrenal glands in the kidneys are linked to the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and the ANS
To summarise....
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