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Best Western Presentation

No description

Adele Burke

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Best Western Presentation

Mission Statement and Goals "The mission of Best Western International is to enhance brand quality and increase member value."
They put the customers value and experience first Current Analysis Current business model is based off the idea that anyone can own a Best Western franchise
Initial cost and a fee per room
Must adhere to a strict set of rule
Permitted to have their own identities but must use Best Western logo and sign
Full service hotels, roadside motels, or motor inns BCG Matrix and SWOT Analysis Cash cows on the BCG matrix
They are established and have a worldwide presence
Strengths- Great management
Weaknesses- None that I can find at the moment
Opportunity- Expanding nationwide
Threat- Other hotel companies International Approach Already found internationally in many countries
Most of their hotels in Europe have 3 or 4 star ratings
Plans to expand to India
7 properties there currently
Plan to change that to around 100 within the next 10 years Competitive Landscape Being in the hotel industry Best Western has plenty of competition
New methods of advertising
Using YouTube and other promotional websites
"I Care" program is implemented to ensure that members and customers receive the best service and experience By: Adele Burke Best Western Background Information Future Analysis Continue to grow and expand worldwide
Continue to fix up older Best Westerns and make sure they are new and modern
Carry on with excellent customer service, and excellent programs for customer care Created in 1946 by David Guertin
Now Best Western has almost 4,000 hotels located worldwide
Current CEO: David Kong
Recieved a bachelors degree from University of Hawaii
Worked his way up from being a bus boy in hotels to becoming the CEO
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