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Welcome to Earl Haig!

Ten Things About Earl Haig

Benji Lee

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to Earl Haig!

Clubs Teams Student Council Arts Program Late start Wednesdays Subjects & Teachers Guidance Dept Modern School Presentations & Assemblies Earl Haig has a wide variety of clubs that will match any interest that students may have. For example there is a Classic Rock Club, Animal Welfare club, and Chess Club. These clubs are a great way for students to meet other people with similar interests. Earl Haig is one of the newest schools in the Toronto District School Board. It is a very modern facility that is well kept and it has a wide range of educational technology such as computers, scientific labs, a large library and a great cafeteria. There are many different teams such as basket ball, Dragon Boating, and Snow Boarding. Every student is allowed to join these teams. It is a great place for students to meet new people with similar interests. Earl Haig has a large guidance department with teachers who are extremely happy to help any student who requires guidance counseling for any problem whether it is a personal issue or it is academic issue. The Student Council at Earl Haig is elected by the students to represent the students. The student council organizes many activities, assemblies and programs. Earl Haig has a wide range of subjects to chose from at different levels. These courses are taught by teachers who make the subjects interesting and engaging. Earl Haig is very well known for its arts programs that includes visual art, dance, music and drama. Every year there is a major production put on by the different sections of the arts program. Any one can apply to the Claude Watson program but it be accepted you need to have great talent There are many assemblies at Earl Haig made by either the student council, SOPSS, or FACES. The topics are very interesting and the assemblies are designed to be informative and entertaining. Every Wednesday school starts late- at 10.15. This is awesome because it means that one morning every week you will have extra time to sleep in or complete any work that you haven't done. There are many opportunities to meet new friends who have similar interests. You can make friends with people you meet in class, when you join different clubs or teams. EARL HAIG Friends Thanks for Listening By: Benji Lee
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