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British Literature, History, and Culture, 1660-1800

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Kate Novotny

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of British Literature, History, and Culture, 1660-1800

1660 1665 1670 1675 1680 1685 1689 1690 1695 1700 1705 1710 1715 1720 1725 1730 1735 1740 1745 1750 1755 1760 1765 1770 1775 1780 1785 1790 1795 1800 1805 1810 1815 1820 1655 1650 1645 1640 1635 1675 1700 1750 1800 1725 1775 1650 English Civil War | 1642-1651 Parliamentarians (Roundheads) vs. Royalists (Cavaliers). First round 1642-1646. Second round 1648-1649. Charles I executed in 1649. Acts of Union England and Scotland united, creates Great Britain. British Literature, History, and Culture
1660-1800 Rape of the Lock Alexander Pope,
Second Publication (full 5 cantos).
First (anonymous, 2 canto)
publication 1712.
Third (final) publication 1717. 1715 1706-1707 Charles I |1625-1649 Son of James I. Beheaded in 1649. Charles II |1660-1685 Son of Charles I. Kingship backdated to 1649 to erase the interregnum. James II |1685-1688 Brother of Charles II. Threateningly Catholic. Interregnum |1649-1660 Commonwealth of England 1649-1653
Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector 1653-1658
Richard Cromwell Lord Protector 1658-1659 William & Mary |1689-1702 Mary daughter of James II. William of Orange James II's nephew. Mary died 1694. William died 1702. Glorious
Revolution English parliamentarians unite with Dutch Prince William to oust James II. 1688 Sister of Mary II, Daughter of James II. Last Stuart. Anne |1702-1714 George I |1714-1727 Second cousin of Anne (closest Protestant relative). George II |1727-1760 Son of George I. Last British king raised outside of England. George III |1760-1820 Son of George II. Went permanently crazy in 1810. Regency | 1811-1820 George III's son, later King George IV, acts as Prince Regent until his father's death. First Dutch War Fought entirely at sea. Disputes over trade with the Netherlands.
England won a monopoly on trade with English colonies. 1652-1654 Anglo-Spanish War Disputes over trade with Spain.
England joined with France vs. Spain in 1657. Piracy, and colonial focus. Jamaica becomes British. 1654-1660 Second Dutch War Also about trade. It went well for the English at first, but the Dutch won. 1665-1667 Third Dutch War Enlish teamed up with the French. The English pulled out in 1674. 1672-1674 Nine Years' War The "Grand Alliance" (England, Dutch Republic, Holy Roman Empire, etc) vs. France. The economic toll on all sides forced a negotiated settlement. 1688-1697 War of the Spanish Succession "Grand Alliance" vs. France and supporters of Philip V of Spain. Result: Philip gets Spain, but removed from French line of succession. 1701-1714 Jacobite Uprising of 1715 Attempt to restore Stuart monarchy. Failed. 1715 War of the Quadruple Alliance Philip V of Spain wants to take back lands in Italy, and the French throne. English and allies won. 1718-1720 War of the Austrian Succession English and Dutch stood with Austria against France, Prussia, Bavaria, and Spain. Maria Theresa retained throne (English and allies won). 1740-1747 Jacobite Uprising of 1745 Attempt to restore Stuart monarchy. Failed. 1745-1746 Seven Years' War aka the French and Indian War. England and allies vs. France and Spain. Treaty of Paris means lots of colony-swapping. England acquires Canada. 1756-1763 Americans, French, Spanish, and Dutch vs. English and German mercenaries. Americans won. American War of Independence 1775-1783 Great Britain and various other monarchies vs. French Revolutionary government (and Spain). France wins. War of the First Coalition 1792-1797 Irish Rebellion of 1798 Inspired by French and American Revolutions. Very bloody. 1798 Great Britain and various other monarchies vs. French Revolutionary government (and Spain). France wins again. War of the Second
Coalition 1798-1802 Great Britain vs. France (under Napoleon I). Ends with Napoleon's exile to Elba. Napoleonic Wars 1803-1814 Napoleon escapes from Elba and gathers an army. He's defeated at Waterloo by Wellington and Co. The Hundred Days 1815 Moll Flanders Daniel Defoe 1721 Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe 1719 The Pilgrim's Progress John Bunyan 1678 Absalom and Achitophel John Dryden 1681 Mac Flecknoe John Dryden 1682 The Man of Mode George Etherege 1676 Love in Excess Eliza Haywood 1719-1720 A Journal of the Plague Year Daniel Defoe 1722 John Locke An Essay Concerning Human Understanding John Dryden An Essay of Dramatic Poesy 1668 1689 Paradise Lost John Milton
10 book edition published 1667
12 book edition published 1674 1667 The Conscious Lovers Richard Steele 1722 David Simple Sarah Fielding
Sequel published 1753 1744 The Female Quixote Charlotte Lennox 1752 Selected Poetry John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester c. 1670-80 Gottfried Leibniz The Discourse on Metaphysics 1686 The Relapse John Vanbrugh 1696
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