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About My Life

No description

Jose Parada

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of About My Life

About My Life
Where I was Born
I was Born in Oaxaca, Mexico in a small Town called Santa Maria Soquitlan. During my time a child the town was open but not very modern at all. It wasn't until 4 Years ago it was recognize as Modern.
My Family
I belong to the Parada Clan/Family From Oaxaca. My Family Is very Big, but I dont entirely get along with all of them. My part of the family consist of my Dad Francisco Known as Chico, My Mother Enimia, My baby Brother Alex Julian, Me and My Big Sister Sandra who is currently studying law in the City of Oaxaca.
Why I.T
Since I got my first computer with XP on it.I got tired of it running slow so i decided to figure why it was so slow. From then I broke about 4 computers figuring how they work.Since then I know how to do many things with Microsoft and Linux Base OS's.Since I have mostly Enjoyed fixing Electronics, Since my EET class was shut down. I.T came up so I decided to give it ago to learn more and meet new people.
My very first job was Fixing Electronics at a shop called Electronic City. After being there for a year and a half, I decided to move on because I wasn't getting payed much. After quieting that job, 2 days later I was ask to to be the first employee of "J & B Appliances", A shop my friend and now boss Byron decided to open up after recently quieting his job as well. So far am still working there supporting my friend and his company.
After High School
After High School I decided to go at GRCC or another college witch am still searching for Welding or who knows, As long as a have tools in my hand i can fix many things or learn how to fix them without a problem since i seem to have patience for it.
Hobbies/Free time
For Hobbies, I draw,Listing to music,Watch GrindHouse/Horror/Action Flicks, watch Anime, Read History/Fiction/Nonfiction Books, Play Classical Guitar, And play video games mainly old School,FPS and Fighting Games With an Arcade Stick. I don't really watch cable Tv, and I have Few friends to hang out with since mainly they are either in College/High School or Working.
Thanks for Listing and for your Time.
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