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Nike Soffree

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Australia

Perth 1,554,769 Residents (2007) 5386 km² The city was founded on June 11, 1829. Melbourne 4077036 residents 7694 km² State: Western Australia State: Victoria Welcome in Australia! Darwin ® Let's fly to Australia! Canberra 367835 residents Surface area: 814 km² Australian Capital Territory Hobart 1.357,3 km² 211,656 residents The city was founded on 20 February 1804 State: Tasmania Adelaide 1,262,940 residents 1826.9 km² 28 December 1836 State: South Australia Alice Springs 25,186 recidents 148 km² The city was founded in 1872 State: Northern Territory Canberra is the capital city of Australia. History 50.000 years ago aboriginals came to Australia from Asia when the water was lower. Animals The most animals are found in the middle and in the rainforests of Australia. Kangaroo The kangaroo lifes in the middle of Australia. He's an marsupial.

There is a myth that says that the word kangaroo comes from kagoroo, what in Guugu Yimidhirr means I can not understand you. Two explorers asked a man what the animal they saw was called. The man did not hear them and said kagoroo. Koala The koala is found in eastern and southern Australia
His name would mean "Drinks not" because drinks not so much. 129,100 residents 112.01 km² The city was founded in the 1600s Capital Northern Territory Climate If it's summer in Holland, it's winter Down Under. -Subtropical climate Cairns Culture Kitchen Different cultures together. Religion Holidays Different dishes from different cultures. Pavlova Christian (61%) 1606: Willem Jansz
Duyfken Melbourne first capital city Sport Best sports at the Olympic games:
-Sailing Welcome to Monkey Mia Celebrities The Australian open.
Australian Football Today we're gonna swim with dolphins, we gonna have a lot of fun! Barbeque Bushtucker Meat pie Home sweet home Australia day: 26th of January
First float Kylie Minogue Australia Surface area: 7.687.808,6 km² Largest city: Sydney Capital city: Canberra Recidents: 22.015.576 (2012) The English Queen is also the Head of State, but Prime Minister Julia Gillard leads the government of Australia. Currency: Australian dollar Films Australia Mad Max Crocodile Dundee 488,1 km² 128.284 residents State: Queensland Brisbane 4673,2 km²
Residents: 1.676.389 State: Queensland Sidney New South Wales Residents: 3.641.422 Sidney is the largest city of Australia! Music Sidney Opera House Dance Surface area: 12.144 km² Night shows Opera fashion shows 2.679 places The plan originated in 1955 International architecture competition The roofs look like the sails of a sail boat. Jørn Utzon Opened In 1973 by Queen Elizabeth II UNESCO Skyline Tallest building in Melbourne Queen Victoria Market Federation Square Used for cricket, Australian Football and soccer. Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) Tram 35 (City Circle) drives for free along all sights in Melbourne, isn't that nice? Swan River, Perth The Australian Parliament is located in Perth. Australian Parliament Monkey Mia has got lots of beautiful beaches! With lots of sharks! The Dutch team which took part in the electric car races, in a fountain in Adelaide, after their victory of course. The circuit for electric cars is near Adelaide. The Sun-powered car from Netherlands. Australia is the only country where the rare marsupials live. The 2 most populair marsupials. Both Platypusses! Uluru or Eyers Rock This is the magic place where the aboridgionals prayed. They loved to paint on the walls of this big rock. With traveling bureau Flyniva Temperature?
North 19°C-33°C
East 13°C-29°C
South 5°C-27°C
West 8°C-25°C
These temperatures are the minimum and maximum temperatures in the summer and the winter. This city is named after Charles Darwin, this was the first place he came to land in Australia. Yarra Great Barrier Reef Diving 2000 km long World UNESCO list. If you can't get enough, there always films... Music Lets's watch a film at the airplain! An typical Aboriginal instrument is the didgeridoo. In Australia settelt people who wanted to be rich and preseners from the UK. Like the Indians in America, the Aboriginals in Australia where killed and deported. No religion (22%) Buddhism (2.5%) Islam (2.1%) "The Dreaming" Nicole Kidman Born in Honlulu, but she is Australian. (240x Holland) 1 AUS = 0.81 EUR
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